Menstrual cycle?


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Hi guys. DOes anyone else have this problem. I have come on 2 weeks early! Felt the pains in my stomach thought it cant be as im half way through the pack (i take the pill) and there it is. Ive come on. I didnt know this was part of lipotrim I have not read about this anywhere before. My mum said its because of the changes in my body.

What do you guys think (sorry if its a bit personal)
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Devon Big Bird

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Hi winters daughter

I had exactly the same thing when I last did LT back in the summer, my GP was a little worried and sent me for a scan which all came back perfectly normal - he reckoned it was the shock to my system and my hormones trying to adjust! x

Hope this helps...


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I had the exact same thing, i was only day4 and it appeared and i dont come on regular due to health issue and the coil. But i felt really bloated this week and still lost 11 lbs. so don't worry i think its just because our bosies are trying to readjust to the big change.



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My pharmacist told me when I 1st started the menstral cycle can become irregular, hope this helps.:)