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maintaining since June'09
Hi Iris!
Hopefully you'll have seen my reply to your visitor message now.

Thanks to you and to Mary who's also messaged me .... lovely to be missed :)

I'm fine! All it was is that since getting back on Tuesday night my feet haven't touched the ground!

My DD had another car accident which she made light of to me while we were away - and she wasn't injured at all - but the car was written off - not her fault but you wouldn't have thought so from the way her insurance company have treated her. I won't bore you with all the details but my eldest DS has been fantastic.

I have had the runnning round finding/getting a replacement for her - she can't work without a car so it was urgent. And of course the dubious honour of financing part of it (AGAIN!) as well. The theory is I'll get it back when the small claim my DS is instigating against the company who sold her the last one goes through (again I won't bore you with the details) but I won't hold my breath. ;)

My elderly mother wasn't/isn't too well either. Unfortunately I'm the only one she'll listen to so she wouldn't let any of the kids take her to the docs or tell me she was poorly ...... **big sigh** I think she's on the mend now though.

To add insult to injury I got into work last night all fired up to finally get on here and catch up with everything & everybody only to find the board closed for updating!! Grrrr!! All I got to do was update on facebook before losing the connection anyway around 2am and I didn't get it back till just before I was going home! I don't tend to go on at home while I'm working - too much hassle unpacking the laptop and packing it back up again for work & I avoid the desk top if I can as it's DH's domain and always a terrible mess which winds me up no end!

Anyway - sorry for the long post but I hope I now have a connection long enough to catch up with everyone!

I thought about you all loads while I was away AND I kept a food diary (sad I know) didn't stop me doing lots of damage though. It's lack of weighing facilities that does it imo. If I could have got weighed I'm sure I'd have been much better! xx



Life is not a Rehersal!
Oh my word!!! Not what you expected after your holiday, but just as well you had the holiday and were well rested so could deal with all the situations you faced when you got back!!!!

So long as your Daughter is ok, that is the main thing!! But, it is so annoying...we had an accident a few years ago and cant believe the amount of stress we had in the first few days...in fact, I did no work at all as all I was doing was making phone calls, etc....worst is when it isnt your fault either!! grrrr...

It is worrying when our parent get older and not in good health, but at least she will listen to you!! Hope she is on the mend now Jan.....and listening to the good advice you will be giving her :)

You will get back to your great healthy eating again...it sometimes is hard to get your head around it when you get back from your holiday; can sometimes take a while, but no doubts you will be back in the driving seat again in no time at all.

Great to have you back though...wasnt the same without you.
Hi Jan and glad to hear all is ok. Received your text last night, but never got around to replying.

Just glad your Daughter was ok and not hurt in the accident. Claims, insurance - they have their own little world and try to catch you at every possible turn. Good luck for getting it sorted out.

Glad your Mum is on the mend too, big hugs to her.

Nice to have you back on board Jan xxx


maintaining since June'09
Awwww thanks guys ... it's really nice that I was missed :) It's funny because every time I wrote in my little journal what I'd had to eat etc I imagined I was talking to y'all .... xx

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