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Metformin And CD


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Sorry I might sound really stupid saying this but what is Metformin?


its a biguanide/insulin sensitising agent

I did take it and was on 1500mg a day for PCOS related treatment but now off it.
Did any one find the met help i have pcos and struggle to keep my weight in check it just leaps out of control in spurts and im really struggling.

Its made worse by the fact i cant exercise at the mo as im recovering from surgery! :(


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I take Metformin for type 2 diabetes. I was on CD for 5 weeks back in April and found my blood sugars came down very quickly which was fab. I was taking 3 850mg a day but am now down to 2 - CD is great for this! You do need to keep a close eye on your levels though if you are taking Metformin for the same reason.

Hope this helps



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Ok this maybe TMI but I had an 850mg Met last time I was on the Cambridge and I literally could not get of the toilet! I nearly passed out on the toilet I was in complete agony! and have never taken one since
OH is picking my prescription up tonight from the hospital and they've reduced me to 3 x 500mg starting tomorrow instead of 2 x850mg.
Can anyone tell me the best time to take them? with a shake? just after a shake etc

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