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Arghh major PC problems (which still aren't sorted) so I've not been able to get on here ...my OH has a PC but between looking after the kids and him being on it I haven't had a chance to get online for very long.

Cos I've had no PC and no motivation/support from here I've fallen off the wagon, I stopped getting on the Wii Fit and stopped the daily weighing (usually keeps me on track) and I've eaten mince pies, gingerbread, chocolates to name just a few. Over the past 2 weeks I've put on 2lb but I'm hoping to get that off plus the 1.6lb I need to meet the December challenge, looks like i've failed the Christmas challenge though :/

Hope everyone else is still on track and doing well... I'm just about to read up on posts I've missed xx
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cos i need this xxx
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aw hun, sorry to hear you gained :( if it helps - i gained 2lbs on xmas day alone - oops :$

am back on track now and hope u getting n better now :*

i love my wii fit - ive been told the new game "just dance" is a brill workout and fun too - gonna get that asap on reccomendation!!




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yes i too have put on 2lb over the last few days.. so dont feel bad about 2lb over a couple of weeks.
you are at least acknowledging that you have something to do...
i missed my christmas challange (but 1or2lb) and i dont think my December challenge is going to go anywhere near being met if i dont get off my bum...
but with the Dr's weigh in being sts, i dont think i am going to have lost 6-8lb in 2 weeks with christmas and new years being in the bloody middle!!)

hope you are feeling ok....
email me when you can!