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Milk in Coffee...how bad is it???

Hiya , I asked my pharmacist just that. I said I was prepared to delay the weight loss etc but he said no way. He explained that the body would sense that it is getting sugar again and shut down the work on the fat. He said if I did that that I would lose...no....weight!! The system just wouldn't work!!
I love my coffee and I love it white!! That has been a really hard part for me. But I just drink it black now and still don't like it........just hav to do it. Also got some new teas to drink, for variety.
I'm on dat 7 now. Weekend was very very tough. Weigh in tomorrow. I hope it will be worth it. It was a tough week.
best of luck to you. Stay away from the milk......just do it.....don't even think about it. Put it out of your head and say black coffee please!!xx

Thornhill Cate

50+ and fabulous
When I was doing Atkins you could have cream in coffee because that has hardly any carbs but you were definitely not allowed milk because of the sugar (lactose) content. Atkins is also a ketosis-based diet so having cream would keep you in ketosis but because it's pretty calorific it might slow down your weight loss slightly. If white coffee is that important to you then you might want to talk to your pharmacist about the cream option. Don't do anything without consulting first.
Thanks Ladies....unfortunately i didnt see the replies before my morning coffee and had a bit of milk...just a bit!!!!!!
Im gutted.....i will not do that again! i didnt realise it would be sooo bad!!
abnid...cant wait to see your weight loss tomorrow...good luck!
and Cate...you weight loss has been amazing...well done!
I'm glad you posted this as I am soon to start and normally have milk with my tea. i need to get used to no milk. Good luck with the rest of of it!
Hi eagle...when are you starting?
I drink black tea anyway but cant drink black coffee...but ive been drinking green tea and really like it...and loads of water of course!!!
This forum has been a life saver for me.....so log on for advice and tips!

irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
I did not fancy the thought of black coffee either. I had some herbal tea as well. Frankly, I just started to drink water instead and it was great. I still often have water instead of a tea or coffee.
I don't think it would be wise to have milk whilst on TFR. I know some people do have it and it does not affect losses but perhaps it depends on how much you were having in the day.
It's just an idea... But once I was going to have a vanilla shake for breakfast but needed a cup of coffee when I got up. So I pinched a spoonful of the vanilla shake and put it in my coffee to lighten it up... Although it gave it a strange popcorn-like flavour. But it was nice and better than black!! Also if you really are going to cheat with milk, I guess buying lacto-free would be a lot better as lactose is the milk sugar that we are trying to avoid. But really sticking to the plan 100% will help maintain ur loss and will do you good in the long run to have fought through, as ultimately you are (or should be) trying to change your ability to have control over what you eat.
Hope it's all going well x
Im not doing LT, but Im on Exante and I have a drop of skimmed milk in my tea and coffee. It most certainly hasnt stopped my weight loss as youll see from my stats. I think the pharmacist is being a bit dramatic saying youll lose nothing by having a drop of milk, the sheer calorie deficit on a VLCD totally contradicts that.

I know LT doesnt really make the same allowances for 'tweaks' as other VLCDs do and Im not saying to disregard other opinions as I know a lot of people are totally 100% on LT but certainly Im having 2/3 cups of tea/coffee a day and I havent suffered for having milk in it at all
When i Done Lt first time i had no milk what so ever. But i struggle with the water intake and i love a cuppa or 2 in the day. Second time around i had milk in my tea (just a splash). and it never affected my loss.

However i know that you shouldn't have anything other than the LT shakes etc, but a little splash of milk just made the diet little more bearable and enables me to get the extra fluid too.

So in answer to your question No you shouldn't, but if it gets you through the day its not going to wreck the diet.
Hi eagle...when are you starting?
I drink black tea anyway but cant drink black coffee...but ive been drinking green tea and really like it...and loads of water of course!!!
This forum has been a life saver for me.....so log on for advice and tips!
hi littleflower2

I am starting mine 2nd of April. I have my 30th in a little under 2 weeks so have had dinner and drinks planned months ago . A stag on the 1st of April -2nd. So starting When i get back. I am best man at my friends wedding on the 29th April so would love to lose a little weight before then.

This forum has been great for tips and research. Will try and get into green tea. Heard it burns calories too.


Determind to do it!!!!!!!
Your saviour, I think?

I love to have a coffee in the morning too. I do drink it black, got used to it. However a really crafty way of having your coffee with milk is to make a pot of coffee, then put 450mls into a jug, add your vanilla or chocolate shake and blend it with and electric whisk, et voila, an ultra skinny latte!!!!!!

Cham Pers

size 8 by July
Thats how i have it and its delicious. I was hmmmmm-ing every mouthful this morning. My hubby told me to BE QUIET! Heehee

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