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Milk in the shakes

well ive never really liked milk and this morning and wen i tink of it in the last few days ive been tasting the skimmed milk in the strawberry shake now im not gonna go so far as i hate it but it makes my belly all bloated not for long but its like ive eaten too much. its lovely thinking that my stomach only needs that much to be full but i was wondering did anyone else start tasting new things in the shakes the longer they were on it? i know your taste buds change but it seems like mine are getting heightened or something. and my belly is so stuffed now its weird the first three weeks it felt like it was trying to eat itself. hahaha!
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i found them mega salty at first.
think thats just where i was tasting the vitamins etc that i must have been lacking.
now all i can taste is the chocolate,thank god x
yeah i cud taste something weird in them at the start must have been the vitamins i hope the milk taste goes away a bit.
Yeah, your taste buds do change as I loved the strawberry at first and now I can stand them. They taste all powdery to me. Hahaha at your belly trying to eat itself! I don't know what's wrong with me but after I've had a shake I feel bloated, as if I've ate a full meal. This has only been happening this week.

I wonder will we still like the things we used to like before LT?
i wondered that earlier and was having a discussion with Morgan whether i'd still love chocolate and curry.i'm a proper curry freak but just thinking about an indian takeaway makes me feel ill.i keep seeing the oil on the top when you take the lid off.
think the best thing to do is make your fav foods healthily.
don't add any fats/oil and you will soon get used to that and not like fattier versions.

(sorry i hijaked ya post) x
I only have chocolate, but, the vanilla ones taste like milk to me, well, like horrifically sweet milk. My friend used to have this thing from coffee shops - hot milk with a shot of some sort of nut syrup thing, I think they taste like that...super sweet milk. Gross. The strawberry ones taste like watered down yoghurt to me.

But, I think, yeah, how they taste does change as you go further on the diet, for starters, I can stomach mine now, for the first few weeks I was nearly sick with every mouthful!

Maybe steer clear of the strawberry? :) & it's nice to feel like that tiny amount of liquid can fill us up, eh?



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The thing is, to me all the shakes taste like they have milk in them. It's either that or wishful thinking.
i dont like any other one's than strawberry i mite try some other ones again next week.

taftlass, dont worry i agree with you bout the healthy eating im gonna stay away from fatty foods so i dont get addicted again one of the main reasons i chose this particular diet is because your taste buds change.

Betsy im the same now i feel really full after drinking the shakes my stomach even bloats a bit.
I think they have milk powder on them (from memory I remember seeing something like that on the list of ingredients on the LT plastic bags)
yeah they have skimmed milk in them but only just started tasting it ah well just gonna have to get used to it maybe ill like milk wen i come off lt my doctor and family wud love that!

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