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Miss Slinky

Discussion in 'Slimming World' started by mandy296, 10 November 2010 Social URL.

  1. mandy296

    mandy296 Silver Member

    I got nominated for Miss Slinky last night at my group, chuffed to bits!!!

    There are 4 of us nominated in our group, next week we have a taster week and a final vote to see who wins for the group, would love it if I won, but all the others nominated have done well and are looking good, so cant get my hopes up too much

    Still a great feeling to have been nominated at all
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  3. MadameLaMinx

    MadameLaMinx Gold Member

    Congratulations on your nomination and good luck at the vote!
  4. Shabba

    Shabba Loves the Nom Nom!!!

    Congratulations and good luck!! :D
  5. Little strawberry

    Little strawberry Full Member

    Good luck :) xxx
  6. *EB*

    *EB* Gold Member

    how does it work then? do you have to be at target??

  7. mandy296

    mandy296 Silver Member

    The criteria as our consultant explained it is that you have to be "approaching target" - a very vague description as you could argue that everyone in effect is "approaching target" - if they are at slimming world, its more likely they are getting closer to their target than further away!

    Last week in group she just read out a few names of people that were near to their target (I think within a stone) then asked people to vote - but you could vote for anyone you wanted - I voted for someone who wasnt listed, as I dont think she's decided it yet, I just thought she was looking good and was someone who was always quite an active participant in the group. This week she announced the shortlist, next week we all vote on a winner.

    I've seen another description on another post that says "The Miss Slinky competition recognises a member who’s transformed into a sassy, confident woman and slimmed down in time to fit into a sexy little dress for the Christmas and New Year party season."

    So really not sure what its actually about, but happy to be in it!
  8. *EB*

    *EB* Gold Member

    sounds fab! i am still 4 stone off target - so i wont be included for voting but it sounds great :) thanks for the information!
  9. gemini89

    gemini89 Member

    Congratulations and good luck! :)
  10. *EB*

    *EB* Gold Member

    sorry i meant to say congrats too!!!! how rude am i? xxx

    *well done* xxx
  11. dirtydancing

    dirtydancing Gold Member

    congratulations and well done!!
  12. valerie11

    valerie11 Gold Member

    ooooh how exciting good luck :D
  13. downsizingmycurves

    downsizingmycurves Silver Member

    First off, congrats!

    In our group we dont seem to get asked for nominatons. Man of the Year was just given out one week and I won Woman of the Year without any notice (literally, I wasn't even there the night my C took along the sash etc).

    What the diff between this and WOTY? Are Miss Slinkys generally younger?
  14. *EB*

    *EB* Gold Member

    i think we should do our own Minimins Miss Slinky 2010 :)
  15. time2bslim

    time2bslim Just doing it this time

    our consultant said on tuesday evening BTW peeps next week is Miss Slinky, we all laughed in our little area as I think I might be the youngest at 54...........and she said something about you could just wear something slinky or even sling back heels?

    We knew nothing more - I thought it was just something they were doing in class.

    How weird that all classes are different.
  16. JemmaBe

    JemmaBe Silver Member

    We are voting for a man in our group to win miss slinky
  17. mandy296

    mandy296 Silver Member

    Its not an age limited thing. Last years national winner was 51 apparently!

    And despite being "Miss" Slinky - I think men can be put forward too!

    I think its really quite a vague thing, but really about confidence and attitude - and how thats been improved as a result of your weight loss.
  18. Nigel g

    Nigel g Daft Bloke

    Our group in Knutsford are doing the Miss Slinky award next week, I don't have a chance coz ive got no LBD (little black dress):cry:
  19. MichelleB

    MichelleB Full Member

    Congratulations on your nomination.

    We were asked to vote at group a couple of weeks ago, but I didn't understand the criteria so have probably voted for someone who doesn't meet it.

    I thought it was just an award for the person who has lost a lot and is continuing to work at it, not necessarily close to target.

  20. clairex

    clairex Silver Member

    Congrats and good luck!! xxxxx
  21. lauren242

    lauren242 Member

    congratulations, fingers crossed you win! have you got a slinky dress and some heels ready?

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