Mix a mousse

Hi folks,
can anyone tell me if it is ok to make up one of these before bedtime and leave it in the fridge until the following morning to have it for breakfast. The reason i ask is because i am usually just up washed and away first thing, it would be a nice change from a shake.
As far as I know HH you should consume the shakes within about 15mins of making them. Not sure if the same applies to tetra's though as a friend of mine actually prepares hers before going to bed so that she can have it for brekkie.

I expect a CDC will be along shortly with the correct answer :)
I didn't have any tetras left, so i made one up last night and had it this morning, tasted just the same as normal, didn't turn watery or anything so i dont know, i will lay off them till i get some more tetras unless anyone can definatley tell me if it's ok for sure or not, either that or get up at the crack of dawn to make them.
Cheers, HH.
i think if you did it every so often then that would be fine. I sometimes make crisps and save them for later - thus losing some of the vitamins etc so cant see much difference. :)