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MONDAY - Lets do it hour by hour

This weekend was rough but today is going well. One liter down, 3 more to go. So far: 1 chocolate pack with coffee for breakfast and some bar.
I have a mini challenge with myself. I am not allowed to take another bite of the bar until I finish another liter of water... :-D
Miss Fenella hope you get better soon, the cold this year really seems to hand on.

Well done Reshmus, good idea having mini goals.

Well 1 litre down, and as I do a lot of telephone work, have decided that I must have a swig before I make every phone call.

As Bruce Forsythe says "GOOD GAME"
Hello peeps! I won;t be able to do muich on here as we are quite busy at woprk and have eagle eyes around us!

Hope you are all having a good day - havge had a shake, soup, 1.5 litres + one pint so far....oh and my soup.

I forgot to have my last pack last night!!

Weigh in tonight!

Have a great afternoon and feel better Miss F!!


Happily pro pointing!
Hi everyone.
I like these threads, it does help you get through the day, especially over the weekend.

I have done 2L so far, a peppermint tea for breakfast, savoury drink mid morning as I was freezing and just had a latte for lunch.
My cold has lasted a whole week, but is finally going, just a sniffle left thank goodness.
Just got in had crispy cranberry bar, was put in the fridge and it tasted really hard and crunchy, quite nice. 2 litres of water gone.

Whilst we are on clothes goals I am a lose size 20 now and am going to a wedding on 8th Feb. Do you think I will be a size18 by then, want to buy a special outfit. Still cant get my head round how much you lose.


Happily pro pointing!
I reckon you will, if you are loose 20 already, you may even find you are already 18 in some shops. I was surprised when I got into a 14 comfortably on Friday, my 16s are loose but I didn't think they were a size too big.
I think this thread is fab. Ilurked over the weekend and now taking part!
I have had a very busy morning, got soaked in the rain, small disappointments but I am hanging on! Anyway it is not all bad. Now I am home youngest napping, oldest at school and relaxing with a peppermint tea yay!
I would totally try both a 20 and an 18 when you go shopping, if the 18 is snug but it fits (and only you will really be able to tell) I would go to an 18.

So today:
3 Liters down, finished 2 packs and a bar... saving my last pack for when I get home and close to a microwave...
I must say, I have been feeling hungry all weekend, I don't know why. There is something up emotionally but I can't quite pin point it.. or it could just been it is close to the end of week 6 and now I am getting restless. I don't know. I just haven't had the time the last week to really do the thinking and reflecting I usually do after a new concept is introduced because Best Friend is in town.. and I have this assumption that I do the thinking stuff best when I am alone and no one is around... must try and get over that..
Anyways hope everyone is having a good day!
Whoo Hoooo!!!!!!! Size 18 will do, but 16 omg, but I wont get too excited just in case as I am not very tall only 5.3

Another question just need this clarifing.

RTM = Route to Management - where you have lost your weight and are just starting to re introduce food.

Development = What you do if you have done your 100 days and still need to lose more.

Am I right as I sometimes get muddled. (Have my Monday head on at mo.):giggle:
Oops just made some chicken soup and made it weak by mistake so just put a 1/4 teaspoon of the Marigold Bullion in it and tastes lovely (well different).
Well, had my soup at lunch and 2 pints away from my 4 litres for the day so will no doubt manage more as I am glugging it to chase away the hunger pangs!! I do not know why I feel hungry today but my tummy is grumbling and feels very empty. Can't wait to have Soup and Crisps tonight but will not be able to until after my 8pm weigh in!!! Argh!!!! Loads of nice smelling food in the office today too!! Torturers!! The lot of them!!!

Must go - spies around us!! (Not meant to be on the net at work!! naughty naughty!!)

Must go - spies around us!! (Not meant to be on the net at work!! naughty naughty!!)


I think I have become the quickest minimizer in the world.
I've had 3 litres today so far and a shake this morning and a soup for lunch - saving my last 2 packs for after my weigh in tonight.

I guess BL will be at her weigh in now - got my fingers crossed for her and anyone else with a weigh in today.

We're not meant to go on the net in work but I may start nipping on at lunch time :eek:
Well 3 litres, better get glugging, just going to have a soup. Wonder how BL is doing at her meeting?

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