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Gone fishing
Three days in a row! Looks like it's worth a watch :)

Too Big to Walk

Programme following the attempts of eight seriously obese people to walk from the south coast of England to Edinburgh in order to lose weight. The walkers set off from Devon for Bristol, but encounter problems from the start. As well as struggling with the exercise, the group must learn to get on with each other and avoid the usual mammoth meals. Before they even complete the first leg, one of the hikers is threatening to drop out and another is told by his doctor to quit.

My god that sounds like serious amounts of hard work!

I'm gonna have to record it, sounds liek it will be worth a watch.

Kitty xxx

In case you missed it :)
Well that was worth watching :)

Poor lady with her cellulitis! I felt really sorry for her. She so motivated to do the task.

Reckoned some of the others would have happily swapped places with her.
What got me was the amount of wingeing they did! They knew what they were getting into and yet still they wanted beer/food/chocolate. All that exercise and yet some still put weight on! They must have been briefed about all the problems they might encounter, I don't know how that poor fitness expert put up with it.
All the women came across as really immature (emotionally). Bit of a poor show from them but hopefully they'll grow up a bit over the weeks! A lot of b**ching as well. Looking forward to seeing how it goes tonight.