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My Lipotrim Story .... So far

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Hi all, my name is Adrian (31 years old, male) and I've now been on Lipotrim for just over 29 days and lost 14 kilos. I began my diet at 115.3kilos, am now around 100kgs and my target is 80kg. Whilst I was never massive, I was obese and wanted that to stop.

I've been reading all your stories, so I thought it a good time to start contributing myself as I have benefited so much from reading other peoples stories. I recognise that I’ve not been on this diet too long, nor lost a massive amount (compared to some of my heroes on this site) but hope that someone finds my experience interesting and helpful to their weight campaign. I also write this entry as an outlet for myself (like a diary entry). Most of my friends, colleagues and family believe I am stupid to be on this diet so I often feel quite unsupported and isolated. No one seems to understand how I feel, how I want to be and the hardship that this diet entails. I guess, only time will tell whether they or I are correct.

I started the diet after a holiday to New Zealand when my weight became an issue. It was affecting my life. The flight was painful as my jeans dug into my belly on the 36 hours of travel, putting the tight travel socks on required plenty of huff and puff as I struggled to fit them on. Then I was prevented from doing the activities during the trip such as the bungee jumping, aerobatic flying and horse riding due to the weight restrictions. It was clear that something needed to be done.

Back home, my weight was making me really depressed to be so unfit and large. Obviously clothes no longer fitted and shopping for those clothes became harder. I could no longer look at myself in the mirror and hated being referred to as 'big man.' Whilst everyone at home likes the way I am / was ... ' cuddly' and 'teddy bear' like - I hated myself.

I knew I was better than what I was displaying to the world. In my earlier years I had always struggled with my weight but had always been active with some success in quite a few sports and was always quite adventurous. However, as the pressures of work (school teacher) overloaded me and as I lost my drive to achieve, I ate, worked and put on the weight forgetting who I formerly was. I became the person I didn't want to be (lazy, fat and directionless). As I hated myself, I couldn't see how anyone else could like me either. This is of course especially with regard to attracting the opposite sex. My self esteem / confidence had dropped so much and I’m a shy person anyway with regards to women. So I felt unlovable, unattractive and doomed to single life. Whilst this is still the case, I do feel a lot better and more confident in myself.

So, whilst I'm not at my goal yet (in both weight and direction), I feel I'm making good progress.

When I began the lipotrim, I continued with a few sachets I had from an earlier attempt (when I lost about 2 stone but stopped too early for it to make enough of a difference to my life). I had also tried and failed the lipotrim about 3 times previous where I would go on for a day and then talk myself out of it. I consequently only had a few sachets left. After I successfully completed 3 days I managed to get a repeat prescription from the doctors for a further months worth of shakes for which I will finish this week.

To accomplish this diet I have set myself a strong structure which I feel is sustainable post lipotrim. I wake early and weigh myself daily. I know most people advice against this, but I love it. I look forward to the regular and instant satisfaction or if I put on weight which I have bizarrely done twice now, it motivates me further. I then plot the weight on a excel spreadsheet. This is the heart of my weight loss programme. This spreadsheet plots my loss on a graph, calculates my average daily weight loss (0.48kg a day (I recognise that this will inevitably slow down) and it even predicts how many days till I should reach my target weight if I were to continue at that average daily loss. I have given myself up to Christmas to be on Lipotrim which is 115 days however it is really motivational to know that I may achieve my target early. The spreadsheet is really important to me as it allows me to quantify in time and weight what I have done and still need to do. If anyone would like a copy of it, email me and I’m sure I can send it on to you (it’s nothing special but so useful to me).

After I've weighed myself and I have my first shake of the day (strawberry shake), blended, lots of ice and made up with 2.5 pints of water so afterwards I'm full. I also have a multi vitamin tablet.

I then walk to work which takes 45minutes, then begin classes. At first break (remembering I'm a school teacher) I have a Berocca dissolvable tablet and then at second break I have a Vitamin C dissolvable tablet. I don't know if either really helps (or whether I should have them), but I like the structure of it, they're refreshing, something to look forward to and it replaces my packed lunch.

At work my energy levels, mood etc. have been fine. I walk around everywhere with a sports water bottle and the sheet mouth fresheners.

After work, I walk home, have my second shake (chocolate) then try to do some exercise. I either go to the gym (which I'm slowly building up from just 20minutes to now 1.5 hours), or play hockey, go surfing or just do something other than vegetate on the sofa or work. This weekend I did a rather strenuous twenty mile walk along the northern coast of Jersey (where I live) which certainly made me huff and puff (plus ache).

At the weekends, I still go out with the boys be it to bars or restaurants. I'm fine just watching them eat and drink. Whilst the smell and idea is attractive, I just think of my weight graph and look forward to seeing my weight drop that little bit more (plus the satisfaction I'd feel to have ignored temptation). The only food I ever really get drawn to is my nemesis - take away pizza, 12 inch, all meat with chips and cheese - I crave it so much yet know it is the reason I am in the state I am now.

I have also tried colonic irrigation. The idea of a pipe being stuck up your backside by a stranger frightened the hell out of me. But I thought I should do everything I could to achieve my goal, so I booked an appointment. If I was going for a clean inside which Lipotrim attempts to do, I thought that this would benefit too. It was good. I look the attitude of no shame when I arrive, followed the instructions and watched the contents of my colon flow down a tube. I go again tomorrow as apparently I’m 'blocked up' and 'full of gas.' It seems to work by the warm water melting the scum attached to the 1.2m of colon and through pressure and gravity washing it out. Whilst I feel no massive benefit yet, and does cost £65 a go, I presume it is doing some good in making my body and maybe absorbtion / metabolic rate better.

I don't generally feel hungry but the diet dominates my life. It dominates my thoughts and lifestyle. I never want to quit but do think of it. I've started researching the re-feed programme and it daunts me to change from what is working. I don't want to eat properly again through fear of putting it all back on. I have also looked into going on Atkins as I know this works in similar ways (ketosis). I do know that whatever I do, it will be harder than what I am doing now. I know that I have to change my 'normal' lifestyle and from now on be far more aware of what I'm doing and eating.

So, I think that is all now. I’m sorry to have ranted on. I just know that I would have found the above story interesting and maybe even useful as I did when reading all your inspirational stories. I have certainly found it useful to write to you all and tell you how I am.

I have some way still to go till I reach my personal aims and weight targets and hope that I'll be able to write once more on this forum to proclaim my victory over my belly.

Thank you for listening and I wish you all luck.
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The Diet Guy
Hi Adrian

Nice to meet you :)

Well done on your success so far and welcome to the boards.



Gold Member
welcome and well done so far x


100% Focused
Welcome to Minimins, our friendly forum. Well done on ur loss so far. Good luck for the journey ahead.


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I really enjoyed reading your post as I can relate to a lot of what you were saying. It is tough and yes it does dominate your thought proccesses. I am on day one of possibly my 4th attepmt so I just wanted to thank you for your words of wisdom and wish you the best of luck for the remainder of your journey.


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Hi Adi,

I enjoyed reading your post. Your dedicaton is inspiratonal and you deserve all the success that is coming with it. Keep up the good work and you will be right where you want to be very soon.


Hiya, I think the berocca are slowing your ketosis, review the website video again, as it states clearly to avoid citric acid, and the excess vitamin c is ascorbic acid. B12 makes you hungry as well, so as the Dr told me the scahets are complete nutritionally, you do not necessarily need any vitamin supplements. You may need a caffeine boost at first, as I used to take b12 for energy, but for the rapidity of finishing where you want to be, give it a miss.


Big Boy
Hi Adrian, great post! Well done and welcome to minimins mate.


Hi Adrian, Thanks for sharing.....sounds like we're in the A.A.!!!! You have inspired me so much as I am only on day 6 and starving....waiting impatiently for my stomach to shrink and feel satisfied on only 3 shakes and a couple of gallons of water a day!!!!! Preparing food for my partner Steve is a living nightmare, as I adore cooking and obviously eating which bought me to Lipotrim after doing every diet known on planet earth...seriously! I'm great for the first few weeks then, bang, off I go again. I also need to lose weight as I am probably the best kidney-donor my brother has and I know how much more at risk I am being obese and going under anaesthetic. So the pressure is on for me to lose my 51 lbs. I. like you are coping with family opposition doing an extreme diet like this and Steve is particularly sad as he tells me I should just love my body as I am a naturally big person, not fat.........yeah, right! 5'2" and a B.M.I of 37 !!!! Thanks again for being an inspiration, looking forward to tomorrows weigh in at the Chemist.


New Member
Hey Adi - Hope you met your goal with the lipotrim!!! i am starting tomorrow!!! yikes!!! i'm all good for it but like you if it goes well i think i'll be too scared to ever eat again!! I will try and follow in your foot steps and get my self up on the north coast! I also live in Jersey, with all the opportunities to exercise we don't really heave an excuse hey!!! any way hope your meeting your goal ;)


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well done so far thats brill x


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Keep going Adrian, I was told to not have citric items under any circumstances and that theres no need for vitamin supplements. I also couldn't have hayfever tablets as they contain lactose. Be very careful not to have anything but formula,water, black tea and coffee and you will succeed : )
On LT 20 days now and have lost just about 2 stone, My target is 14 1/2 stone, Not finding it too bad, I am fantasising about eating a nice Tuna steak, I think I'll need to get hypnotised or something. My wife is also doing it and shes doing well. I have a holiday on May 20th so I'm looking to start my refeed on May 9th. I'll be going on Holiday with 1/3 Less bodyweight, can't wait. The Man boobs (Moobs) are even starting to disappear. I'm excersising a bit, I want to Increase this, also I drink green tea once a day, should i drink more and can this increase weight loss.



Big Boy
Well done Phil, that's a great start mate.
Thanks a million Jim. I see you've done fantastic. I feel great, Lost another 7 lbs this week. I really want to get the weight off. Havent excercised much last week, So I will do alot more this week. Also looking at doing weights.
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