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Monday Weigh Ins!!

have to say was curious by the subject lol not had a weigh in today but good luck to all those having them and, hopefully, well done to all those who have done so far
Lol..well way to catch some attention I suppose...How's your day been today Sall?
not been too bad today. had a late breakfast/early lunch of pouched egg on toast with no butter so feel doing well :D loving it so far as so scared of any side effects its keeping me on the straight and narrow
Aww that's good!! Glad your doing well. When's your first weigh in...I'm soo curious as to what mine will say, but I dont want to jump on the scales now because I doubt it'll be any different and my scales tend to be really off the majority of the time and I dont want to get discouraged..I think I did pretty good today, before lunch I did 40 min's on the exercise bike and then after lunch went for a walk! Going to have a nice dinner (tea) of fish and brown rice with a bit of salad...looking foward to it..Hehe. :)
got another 3 weeks before my weigh in :( a whole month to wait in total. so hoping will be a nice good loss. my way of thinking thou is as long as not gained i will be very happy :) did a small walk after dinner and going to walk to my friends house tonight instead of driving :) some exercise is better than none i guess. well done on your day so far and your tea (dinner) sounds yummy. not sure what i am having yet. might have a tuna salad


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I weighed in today but I stayed the same :( It's my own fault, and I know why it happened, so I'm not too disheartened. I'm definitely not getting drunk again any time soon as that's definitely my downfall! I'll be good this week and hopefully see a good loss next Monday :)
Aww, oh well Emma..Like Sall says..as long as you didn't gain! I'll keep that in mind Sall just incase..Although I'd deffinately rather loose..Wouldn't we all. Ha. Yuup. Some exercise is better then nothing. My hubby bought us a Staffy today!! My motivation to walk everyday because that little dogs LOVES it..Lol. My weigh in is the Thurs after next..I just hope there's some difference in weight..Ergh.
well done all the same emma :) least its not a gain. a loss is always better thou :) better luck next time you can do it :D

awww bless the little staffy :D good incentive to walk that :)


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Yep I'm not disappointed, I totally needed the pizza to get rid of the hangover! I've been good today though so I'm still going strong :)
Yey a doggy! :doggy: Whats he/she called?

I've decided to join the Monday weighers, using my new scales and not the Wii which seems to change depending on the direction of the wind lol
Lol. I what that's like. One minute I weigh a stone lighter and the next minute I'm a stone heavier. Ergh..

Lol. His name is Barney.. Lol. He's really cuute.


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My Wii does the same thing, I think it's because its on carpet instead of a hard floor. I always use the scales in my bathroom instead. Hope you're all having a good week :)
Haha..yess...good week here..Been trying to get some extra walking or biking in...How's yours soo far?


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Mine is good so far. I'm struggling with the motivation to get on the Wii Fit though. I don't have a lot to do this week as lectures don't start at uni until Monday, but I'm just finding myself sitting around watching TV all day. I need to get up off my butt and get some exercise done. Other than that, food wise, it's been a good week so far! :)
Aww..I know the feeling..I've moved the bike into the living room but I think it was because it's a weekend and hubby was home...I did the bike yesterday but not today..took the doggy out for a walk instead..as soon as the OH leaves to work tomorrow I'll be right on it after breakie and then hopefully again later on...lol..


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I'm definitely going to go on it tomorrow as I ordered the EA Sports Active More Workouts game and it turned up today so I want to check it out. I'm really looking forward to it at the minute, but knowing me, tomorrow will come and I'll not get round to it lol. Really need to try harder!

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