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Monday Weighers


Starting Again!
I'm supposed to of weighed in this morning, but for some reason can't be bothered yet! (I wi at home) not I'm worried what the scales will tell, just not bothered! How weird is that?

Mrs V

Loves Life!
I gained 1lb this week :( Bloomin star week, so I know it will come off, but its a pain after being good 100% and then this as the reward...oh well, never mind!
Well done on your loss Jill! Squiddie...get on those scales girl!


I can do this............
Well done Jill! Looks like we will see some good losses this week!
Squiddie get on those scales!!


Starting Again!
Well I don't know what to believe any more! Some of you may recall my "I gained a stone in a day" thread moaning about my scales, and well now they're telling me I lost 9lbs this week! I think I'm going to go and buy a new set...


Slow but sure....
Wow Squiddie......your scales are being really good to you this week, fingers crossed they are right.

Well done to you because I'm sure you must have lost some weight - 'wonky' scales or not.

You are doing so well..
I have to wait until tonight... But it has been my dodgiest week so far, so I wouldn't be too shocked by a small gain. Whatever happens I'm being good again now, so it'll come off.

Oh and well done to you for the 2lb!

Squiddie, your scales sound like mine (which is one more reason I go to class!)


Starting Again!
Cheers Donnie, I really don't trust this thing anymore, I've also noticed that you can step on and it weighs you, step off and step back on (all within a few seconds) and you get a totally different weight reading and I'm talking anything up to +/- 10lbs! Can anyone reccomend a good set?


Full Member
Well done to you all for losing. Mrs V Im sure your gain will go next week.
Squiddie I hope youre scales start behaving for you so you know where youre up to.
I weigh in tonight so I'll pop back later
Monday weighers! :)

Couldn't see this thread today so I thought I would start it :D

I get weighed at 5.15pm tonight, been swimming and to aqua aerobics as well as sticking to the books so I am hoping for a good loss *fingers crossed!*

Hope you're all happy when you hit the scales!
Well done!

Good luck Monday weighers x

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