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Monday weighers


Starting over
I lost 3lb which is completely out of line with my usual 1lb a week, but not complaining as it gave me my 5 and half stone award! Yey

Congrats to you too Kelly, 1stone in 7 weeks is brilliant!


That's brilliant! Have a great week this week too, i always find a good loss a real motivation for the next week:)
Well done to you, bring on the awards. I did a pathetic 1/2lb this week but at least its off and not on. Going to really focus this week and not have any rubbish as syns eg crisps and cake. Will use them for ingredients in meals instead. My treat will be a good result on the scales next week hopefully.
Good luck to everyone else weighing in today. xx
well done
Very impressive ladies, give yerselves a pat on the back!!!

Good luck to everybody else weighing today.

Always thought Monday weighers were the bravest....It's MONDAY!
Weighing in at 6 (or 7 if I don't get out on time) - hoping to maintain as have eaten out a few times and used most of my syns in the last two days...times like these being a Monday weigher SUCKS!!

Good luck everyone!
Nice work Tab and Kevandju5 :D

Stayed same which is good, at least I've learned how to go out and maintain...just a shame I'm not further along the road first!! Going to be same again next week i think unless I can do some serious work in the next four days...going to do some red days i think see if that speeds things along!
Well been on the plan 3 weeks now but only went back to class last Monday so tonight was the first official weigh in. According to their scales I'd lost 2lbs but according to mine I'd sts. I think its because I used to WI in the morning so if I had weighed myself in the evening I would probably weighed more so will put sts for this week and not use my evil scales again:(:(

I have been walking more and feel less out of breath which is good. My C said sometimes the weight loss with exercise can take a while to catch up and also my TOTM last week didn't show so could be that.:confused:

Anyway I have planned my week but need to make sure I eat all my HE's as I missed a few last week which probably didn't help:(

Well done to all who lost today, hopefully will be back there next week
well done to everyone who have lost. wish i could say the same. I had sat and sunday off from diet and managed to put on 5 lbs! so that means all my three weeks of all the hard work has been undone!! and to top it all off my partner has been laid off work due to lack of material so no income coming in!! could not have come at a worse time!!!


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Well done on the losses girls. I managed to loose 4lbs this week, and also got my 4 stone award - V Happy
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