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Money is tight - what to do?


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We have been looking seriously at our finances this week and I think I might actually have to stop LL because it is costing so much. I only have about a month to go but we can't afford the €320 it will cost and then the price of RTM. I wonder if I could manage to lose my last stone and a half through healthy eating (no carbs?) and exercise?

I asked my LLC about switching to LLL and she didn't like the idea but I don't even think we can afford that now.

I know I am determined to lose this weight so I wouldnt be spending anything near €80 on the food I would eat in a week with healthy eating.

I don't know what else to do, we will probably have to cut back on other costs too not just LL.
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Well done on your weight loss:happy096:

An alternative vlcd is Exante and at the moment Exante is doing some special offers, £99.99 for a months supply.
I know a lot of people are struggling financially at the moment. Exante i basically LL without the counselling. It works out at just over £25 a week if you get the bumper pack!


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I was going to say the same :) It may fill the 4 week gap nicely x
I have a close friend who is in the same position financially with only 4 weeks to go to reach her target (We started LL together). Thanks for the Exante tip - if she's agreeable I'll buy her a month's supply to get her to the end.
Good luck with whatever you decide to do. x


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What a lovely friend you are queen!
Thanks Isis - she's a really good friend and we've been friends for 30 years and I love her lots and it's a small thing I can do to help her through her tough times x


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Thats lovely :) Friendships are very important x
Is it possible to take a break for a week or two without having to pay for the missed weeks in between?
it was fine for me in my group. Some people had time off for holidays etc and didn't have to pay extra. They can't charge you for packs if you're not buying them! However, your LLC will be very individual in how much time you are allowed to have 'off' before you will have to join a new group as it can affect the dynamics
Just thinking that if i stop for this week and see how i get on that would save me 80 quid and i could go back the following week if i need to and continue on. People have missed groups before but have bought packs in advance but if you only pay for the food packs then surely they can't charge you if you take none and they can't give you an extra week.
do you mean having a week off packs and on food instead? There's a very strong chance you'll put on weight if you just stop completely, that's why the RTM programme is the way it is. If you're struggling financially though I can understand your thinking.
I'm pretty sure that legally your LLC can not charge you for packs if you're not buying them!
I'm thinking completely and stay carb free for the week. Think I've decided to complete my current week and then one more week then start rtm cos it will got down to 40 a week on week 3 i think it is where you have 2 packs?? Just hope the bank manager isn't watching and using up every scrap in the cupboards and freezes before doing any family food shop! I should have sold all my fat clothes instead of giving them to charity shops! Was going to have to buy some work clothes too but my mum gave me a bag of size 12 clothes today and they all fit so i can make saving there too.
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Well it turns out i lost 6 lbs this week so i am starting rtm tomorrow. I know i'll lose some weight still but i'm happy with where i am now. Even happier that i will now be able to do my running regime easier with the extra calories
less than astone to go. good effort, best of luck with rtm. Few more weeks and the cost-benefit will be huge.

Just think how much you will save when you do not snack and eat smaller portions.

Keep it up sandrat

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