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Monosodium Glutamate

hmmm.. MSG makes you hungry by causing your body into producing more insulin than it needs...
THAT explains the whole "hungry an hour later" effect you get with chinese food...
it's also addictive since glutamate has the same effect on the brain as valium ( albeit at a much lower level )..
also found named as...
including hydrolyzed vegetable proteins, autolyzed yeast, hydrolyzed yeast, yeast extract, soy extracts, and protein isolate.
so watch your marmite and vegie products ( textured proteins )..
Thankyou all for you replies and the links you put up. Interesting that it causes obesity isn't it. Another reason to stay away from processed foods I think...
I'm not entirely sure it directly causes obesity, it may have an indirect cause by making the food tastier and has a mild addictive quality so you eat more of it..

and FYI, whoever suggested Knorr Aromat as a salt substitute ( a good few months back ), thanks a lot ( sarcastic.. )..
The main ingredient is MSG and many of the other ingredients are pseudonimes for MSG..
If it caused obesity, then most of Asia would be fat as well as having a headache. And they arent. I think Coljack has a point that if its addictive then it encourages you to eat more, but I dont really buy into scare stories that try and convince you that you will grow an extra head or your limbs will drop off if you eat a particular (certified as safe for consumption) thing.

Everything in moderation.
it's like most food stuffs, ALL of it can cause adverse affects on some people..

Kiwi's are not a problem for me, but My mate would drop down dead if he ate one, some people have wheat intollerances, or milk and so on, so I don't doubt that a small minority of people DO get headaches if they eat it

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