Monthly pass/online for 2 weeks then going to meeting... help?

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    I recently joined the WW Monthly Pass scheme. I used to be on WW a few years back, but went on a 3-month holiday and then things got a bit crazy with job hunting, life, etc, and haven't been since. I was planning on going back to the group last week with my new Monthly Pass (meeting was on Tuesday 14th), but I received a text from our leader saying the meeting was cancelled. :( I won't be able to attend this weeks' either as I'm away for a work conference.

    My concern is that I've been losing weight as I've been following the plan since I started the Monthly Pass scheme on Thursday 9th January. Will my WW leader take into account the 3lbs+ that I've lost so far doing the scheme away from meetings, or is she going to start my 'starting weight' as my weight when I can finally go to the meeting?

    I'll feel a bit cheated if I've lost something like 5lbs already and it's not even taken into account at meetings... 8(
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    well i think thts unfair as its nt ur fault it was cancelled n missed another to go to work! so perhaps u should just say this to ur leader that u will feel
    cheated as from ur start weight u have actually lost some!

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