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Mood Swings


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Morning everone,

Just thought I'd see if anyone else feels/has felt like I do at the moment. I think I'm going insane!

Today is day 5 SS for me. I SOoo badly wanted to eat yesterday - never felt such a strong urge. I didn't cheat at all though, so that has to be an improvememnt on old habits.

My moods are shot though! I feel blue all the time. I'm tetchy at best, raging mad at worse. Either that, or crying at nothingness.

Poor DH. I've treated him so unfairly. We're usually a very tactile couple, but I won't let him come near to even kiss or cuddle me. I think partly it's 'cause my breath is disgusting which I hate.

Then there's my beautiful baby. He's 14.5 months old & must be so confused by my mood swings. Everything feels liks such an effort at the moment. I love him so very much, but just feel kind of flat all the time.

I feel guilty for feeling like this 'cause I am so Blessed with an adorable baby and DH who I know loves me without reserve.

I don't know if it's depression creaping back in or just because I'm so sick of dieting/gaining weight/eating for comfort etc etc.

Sorry, this is such a pants post to put on here.
Feel free to ignore me
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Hi jules,fab post i have days where i feel the same.I get so far then get fed up and gain all that ive lost and more.I really want to get there this time and then keep it therexx


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Hi Jules

Well done with not giving in to the urge to eat yesterday. I had the same urge, it can be really tough can't it.

I hope you feel better today.

I'm only on day 15 so I'm no expert but I did start to feel a LOT better after day 4, that was the bad day for me.

Good luck for today


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Hi Jules,

I had the same thing during the first week or two. Terrible mood swings, up and down for no real reason. I ended up crying over an argument with hubby about a broken glass, and screaming at the kids, but underneath was so happy that the weight was dropping off before my eyes.

It will settle down. Your body is going through some huge changes while it gets used to coping on 450 cals a day. I feel on top of the world now. PMT still gets me down but then I think thats the case for 90% of women and nothing to do with the diet.


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Awww Jules :( Hate to think of you being sad. You are such a beautiful person.

I remember huge mood swings when I was on the diet. Actually...still get them now :confused::rolleyes: I can get mood swings just looking at the side of a packet of cornflakes :D

I don't think the weather helps (been pouring with rain for hours here:rolleyes:). Are you getting out much? I find that really helps.

Walk Daniel to the chemist and buy yourself some goldspot;) and something else just for you. Go over the reasons why you're doing this crazy diet, smile to yourself a lot...even if you don't feel like smiling and it feels false. Yes, people will probably think your nuts walking along the road grinning like a cheshire cat, but it's fun watching their faces as they try to turn away from eye contact so you don't think they are staring :D

Most of all remember that you are one lovely person as you are now and you deserve to be happy. So if this goes on much longer, get yourself down the drs.

Lots of hugs mate.:hug99:


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During my first week I was a complete moo-bag, my other half took the brunt of it bless him, but he was fine and took it on the chin as he had been expecting it with the change in my diet.

Mrs Roch

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I think the first week is pants for everyone - it's not until you get on those scales and see a fab first week weight loss that you realise it's all worth it...

Keep going - you sound like you've a lovely family that love you and just want you to be happy.

Just imagine how tactile you'll be when you're a lighter you.... he won't be able to pry himself away...

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