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More Water in Shakes?

Morning all
Hope the day is going well for you all. I know that we're supposed to add a certain amount of water to our shakes, but I was wondering if anyone has used alot more than we're advised to - would it 'harm' the shake in anyway if we did? Does it really matter?
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Life is not a Rehersal!
No doesnt matter...I used to make mine with between 400-500ml of water!
There is a MINIMUM you need to have, but not a maximum; helps with your water intake for the day as well!
Thanks Scotsmist
That's great news - they go down better for me with lots and lots and lots of water:)


Kewl as a penguins hoop!!
just a point on this, i fond making them with the correct ammount of water makes them thincker, and satisfies me more after having them...each to thier own i guess though


Life is not a Rehersal!
Thanks Scotsmist
That's great news - they go down better for me with lots and lots and lots of water:)
I used to make mine with around 16 icecubes crushed and about 300ml of water as well and it was like a McD's milk shake. Couldnt do that at work, but at home and I always looked forward to them! It was trial and error as I like to fill a pint glass and still get the choc taste...too much and they are a bit bland, but you will find what suits you best I am sure.
I do find that making them with less water makes me feel fuller.
But I made them with about 400ml of water on days that I noticed my water intake wasn't so high.
It doesn't matter in the end


No longer a redhead though!
I used to make mine with 450ml and that felt fine with me. If you have lots more than that just make sure you still consume it within the 15 minutes of making it.

Lisa x
Hey Lisa
Just looking at your stats - big congrats on that weight loss - fantastic. I've used alot more water today with the shakes and I'm finding them far easier to take and I'm drinking them quicker - so it's all good. Just can't wait to go into Ketosis, just over day 4 so hopefully any day now
I always drink mine with 600ml of ice cold water, yum, yum, yum, and the vanilla with a big spoon of instant coffee, its like an iced coffee from starbucks. Its a great start to the day...the strawberry shake is nice with lots of water too.
Hi !

I make mine with 400ml at work (in my shaker) then 2 at home I make with 630ml - odd amount I know - but more than that its too weak, but it gets me an extra bit of water towards the end of the day when I'm getting a bit tired of it.

Good luck !
Cheers Nerac
Super weight loss by the way - abs luv the sausage bit in your signature:D

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