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Morning - help please!

Morning all - I am still feeling icky and have no clue what to eat... I cannot face a shake this morning so was thinking of having 'proper food' for breakfast then having 2 shakes later on. I was thinking of having eggs but not sure if I'm allowed them - does anyone know?
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Be strong my loverrrr!!

But then again, if you really really really MUST have something i would suggest something that you are able to eat on the atkins diet - meat eggs etc as this keeps you in ketosis ... although im not sure how its guna work on this diet!

Good Luck Though :)


escaping the fat
Officially you are not allowed food, any food. Maybe you could have a few hot drinks for now till you feel ready for a shake later in the day. If you are going to eat though stick to protein with no carbs, so eggs, ham, bacon whatever just not with toast or beans. Think id rather have a shake than a plate of bacon. Keep drinking you can get through this.


♥3 Years Maintaining♥
Imagine the food you are craving covered in manky maggots ...

That might help put you off!!!!!
Its not that I am craving food - I am ill and am on penicillin and was adviced by my LT Pharmacist that if I felt unwell I was to do maintenance for a couple of days until I was better again - I have a throat infection among other things and am on 4 different kinds of tablets!!! TBH I don't even want to have to have one meal, but I am worried the effect penicillin etc will have on a next to empty stomach, as i know its not good.


escaping the fat
Ah see you didnt say that before. Stick to protein meals like I said, you should stay in ketosis so the weight wont pile on. Maybe some soft scrambled eggs if you feel a bit poorly. Always one of my comfort foods.
Ahh I put that all in another post last night lol its on here somewhere. its called 'Worried' I dont really want to be eating food but have to really.
hiya stick to light protein foods ie scrambled eggs lean meat chicken if you do come out of ketosis its not the end of the world you need to get better thats the priority here the diet is harder enough when you feel 100% so hang in there

all the best hope you feel better soon

xx Sharron
Thanks very much. Things are just getting to me cos I feel so shitty and I am doing so well on this that I don't want to mess it up now.


I will be skinny again!!!
Honestly chick, i think if you stick to maintainence and no carbs, you should be fine!!!
I think I am going to get my fella to get me some fish today, do you know if we are allowed Salmon steak? I love salmon!!!


I will be skinny again!!!
Yeah im sure you allowed to eat salmon, Fish is great for protein etc and salmon is meant to be really good for you..

Hake is beaut :)

blue eyes

Positive and focused!
Likewise stick to protein then you should be ok, penicillin messes with your stomach so you are probably wise to eat. Good luck hope you feel better soon.XX
Thanks just want to move on from this and get off this cocktail of pills!!!!

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