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Motivation please!!! struggling....

Hi everyone

Just thought i would post as i'm in need of help!!!

I've been eating abit of extra fruit on the 1000 plan but this is increasing by the day and tonight i've gone way overboard. I'm now feeling bloated and really annoyed with myself.:mad:

At this rate i'm never going to get to goal and might end up putting on:(

perhaps totm is making me crave abit more today -i'm not sure.

Need to get my motivation back - anyone feeling positive tonight?:eek:
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Only 43 pounds to go, you've done so well, don't get that puffy tum from fruit, drink a glass of water and think how much better the fruit will taste when you have it legally. Just to cheer you up I weigh more than two of you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Firstly well done on getting so far. Why not cut out the fruit? I think that when you start having extras then you kind of loose the plot a little. Can you try having a fruit free week and see what happens? Good Luck hon!
Jodie - you've done so well to get as far as you have and to be so close to goal must feel fantastic...!

Just think of how good you're feeling on a daily basis in general..
Your photos from your birthday were gorgeous and you looked stunning.

It's funny how when you start to see and feel improvements how your Chatterbox can talk you into thinking it's not so important to be good as you're looking great and have done so well. But it's us that sets our goals at the beginning of our journey and it should be a controlled decision when we feel happy to stop. Do you think you've reached this stage?

Unfortunately when you blip on this diet you tend to think it's the end of the world but it would take weeks of "blips" to put on the amount of weight you've lost already so if it's not time yet to finish your journey, rein it in darling and sooner rather than later...!

I posted earlier that I'm wondering if it's the time of year - so many of us seem to be struggling. Maybe it's the change of season, it's turned so cold here. Christmas still feels awhile away so we're not feeling under pressure yet to lose the weight but give it another couple of weeks and we're be thinking it's only a month away...!

Anyway, I'm not sure if any of the above would have helped but I hope you're not beating yourself up over anything and you're head will be back in that special place sooner than you think.

Focus... Focus.... Focus...

H xx


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What fruit are you tending on eating...?

If it is something like grapes, have you tried freezing them? They last a hell of a lot longer, are nice and cold and you don't eat as many??

At least then you are limiting your fruit, and then once you are at goal you can use them as ice cubes in a nice white wine spritzer in the summer and eat the fruit at the end (infused with wine!!) Just a trick I know..

hiya jodiejojo,

wow darlin, hope you doing ok in general sweetie, you've done so well, you know that already.

I believe that to lose weight we should have 1200cals per day and to maintain we need 2000cals per day (roughly) so although you've gone over your fruit allowance you should still lose weight, yeah, a little slower I guess but not by much, as you know weight loss slows down at the end anyway. If eating your extra portions of fruit STOPS you from indulging in NAUGHTY food then fruit is the way to go.... unless you're eating 10 bananas of course lol :D

If you can up your excercise a bit then that will counteract your fruit indulgence (listen to me, I don't to zip excercise). I would say still eat your fruit, set it out in the morning (the correct amount that you should be eating) in a specific place like a little fruit basket and DON'T eat anymore than you have brought out, you'll make more of a concious decission if you have to go to ANOTHER PLACE to get your fruit, if it's not in your basket you can't eat it.
Hope this makes sense hun, I'm sooooooo tired.

xx sj xx
Thanks everyone for your advice. Gave myself a good talking to in the bathroom last night (luckily no-one was in and ds was asleep so didnt look too crazy:D). Told myself that i was so close if i really make an effort then i can get this done and dusted in a few weeks.

I think its true that when people start saying you look good and you dont need to lose anymore you get abit complacent. These people dont see me naked and if they did they would know that i stlll need to lose a little more (and tone up my tum) before i reach the end of my journey.

I like the idea of getting all my fruit ready in the morning SJ - that is a very good tip. I shall start doing that from today - thankyou.

Also, going to really put the effort in with the exercise over the next few weeks. Hopefully that will get things moving!


You've done brilliantly to get this far. The end of your journey is well and truly within sight.

Put away that extra fruit and have lots of "I must not over-indulge fruit" vibes from me :D

I reckon the separate fruit basket is a brilliant idea and I'm going to remember that one for the future myself.


I will get to goal .....
JJJ - hunni!!!! You poor darling!! I know it's only 4.5 lbs to goal which looks like nothing - but it's still quite a big hurdle when you are losing 1-1.5lbs per week. And, at least it's fruit you are over eating and not crap like crisps, cakes and chocolate. It's not all bad chick so please don't fret.

You know that you can do this - you just need to focus. You will get to goal ... I know that you you will!!

A quick heads up on the fruit. My nutritionalist told me yonks ago to only ever eat fruit on an empty stomach. It takes around 15 mins to digest fruit and 45minsish for both carbs and protein. If you are eating your fruit after other foods as a dessert the fruit will be sitting behind the other foods and fermenting in your tummy and hence the bloating!

Why not try re-arranging your day a little to get all your fruit in during the morning before you eat anything?


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