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motivation-What is the best comment you recieved so far?


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Mine came from someone I recently met.. We were out having coffee, she offered me a piece of what she is having.. I told her I can't have sugar, I am on Dukan diet..
Her comment was 'Oh, why?? you have a beautiful figure!' :D
I had to explain I lost over 10 kg..
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I have to say the best comments from my mum are the ones she isn't making any more.
I glow every time someone comments on my weight loss and at least three people have now started Dukan after seeing what it's done for me.
I was explaining it to a couple of people yesterday and saying how I think I'm going to move onto the next phase and they said I really should as I don't need to lose anymore. I was surprised to learn I actually only weigh half a stone more than my friend whose figure I've always been envious of!
No-one know's I'm even dieting, let alone on dukan, except of course DH, and his comment last night was 'blimmin heck you can see that your gut's shrunk'... whoever said romance was dead eh!!
I thrive on comments that I get, my old school teacher didn't recognise me the other day, we were talking in a group for about 5 minutes before he realised it was me. My OH calls me tinribs all the time
Hubster gave me a bear hug and said "Bloody 'ell you're wasting away!" May not sound like a compliment to some folk, but it certainly made my day...:rolleyes:
we wouldn't have 'em any other way..lol!





he could come home from work one day and present me with a tiny box containing a pair of delicate diamond stud earrings 'just because'.

but that ain't ever gonna happen :rolleyes:
My OH *not a husband...yet* keeps telling me how fantastic my body looks. And I wouldn't mind but he was the one begging me not to lose weight in the beginning and he never did tell me I was heavy even when I was.
But the best comments are the ones I got from my family on Friday where everyone told me I looked so skinny.... :) *SKINNY!!! ME?! Never!!! *
Brilliant motivational thread, well done on all your weight losses, am only day 2 in and hubby mumbled something about him hoping my bust doesnt disappear! hmm, it has already disappeared!! wayyyy south from where it started out!
I had to go to the doctor this morning for more pills and she said I couldn't have 12 months worth because according to my file I'm overweight.
I got on the scales and she said I'd lost loads, my BMI is healthy and handed me the prescription :) Walked out feeling a little bit taller
"Your bum's shrinking; those chinos are far too baggy from behind."


Just keep swimming...
What a great thread!

My youngest daughter gave me a hug the other day and remarked in a voice full of wonder, 'Ooooh I can get my arms all the way round you now mummy!' I felt all warm and mushy!

My emotions were all warm and mushy - my waist WASN'T mushy, for a change lol.
You're doing marvellously, wheest. It's inspiring me to keep on course despite having a sinus infection with fever and being on antibiotics. I will not reach for comfort food and fall even further behind schedule!
:wave_cry:Dub07 hang in there I have the same! Sinus infctn,antibs,steroids for inflammation, painkillers, fever, feeling awful, hope u feel better soon. Saw ent yesterday booked in for urgent sinus op,,mri scan showed both sides nose blocked,cheeks, around eyes & up towards brain :cool: its horrible I sympathise! Makes me feel terrible each time, not felt well in over 2yrs, hope to feel better after op and have a sense of smell again!!
All the water u are drinking helps your sinus's, I know losing weight will help me feel better, it is hard when ur ill with anything eh,,,stick with it I know the antibiotics make me feel v hungry, I am trying to take them after a meal, they aare only twice a day. I am focused at mo but may need some help soon esp after op ;)
take care of yourself try to rest :)
edit, Congrats on your total weight loss, that is inspiring.
Kirsty, just a quick 'best wishes' for the operation and a 'get well soon' x


Just keep swimming...
You're doing marvellously, wheest. It's inspiring me to keep on course despite having a sinus infection with fever and being on antibiotics. I will not reach for comfort food and fall even further behind schedule!
Aw thank Dub. Sorry you are really under the weather :sigh: It is hard to keep going when you feel like you need to 'treat' yourself too feel better. But that will only make us feel miserable long term! You are doing brilliantly. Really hope you are fighting fit again soon!
Thanks, girls. The antibiotics are kicking in and my jaw doesn't hurt. Hopefully the pounding in my cheeks/forehead will cease later today!

Kirsty, you poor thing. I hope your op makes you feel much better! :hug99:

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