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Hey everyone!

I started LT over a week ago but I had to come off after 3 days because I caught a dreadful cold! I feel much better now and had planned to start again on Monday, I ended up putting this off because I was down because I had a rubbish day at work! If planned on starting today but again had a rubbish day and I've just eaten lots of doritos :(. I'm finding it so difficult to get back into it, I was so excited when I started before, but it's completely gone!

Also at the back of my mind I'm worried about how difficult it will be to keep the weight off afterwards... Has anyone really managed to keep it off?

Apologies for the big downer!! :)


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I will be skinny again!!!
Hey, Restarting is meant to be alot harder than when you first begin!!

Just get yourself in the right frame of mind and do not let yourself fall off the wagon, Once you get the first few days over with you will be sweet!!

Ive been refeeding for over 3 weeks now and have kept it off, although I have days where I feel humongus again!

I cant remember the persons name but she posted a thread the other day saying it was a year ago since she did LT and she has kept it off xx


Here we go again!
There are several on here that have had amazing losses and kept it off. A fellow Cornish dweller has lost 8 stones and kept it off for years. She's called Eclipse on this and her before and after photos are fantastic. Look her up, I find her really inspirational.

(If you read this Eclipse, sorry to be talking about you but you really are inspirational to me!)
Thanks so much you guys! Really nice to hear from you!

I think I'll give up on this week and get myself focused for Monday!

Is refeeding something you do when you've reached your target?

Thanks again! :) x


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Yes refeeding is done when you reach target, or you are preparing for a holiday or special occassion, or to lose the final few pounds like myself.
Hi again!!

Can anyone tell me how I view peoples photo albums?? I think to see how much weight people have actually physically lost would make a big difference! However, when I click to view someones photo album, no photo appear, only a semi blank screen with a menu down the left side for "profile, photos, statistics" etc

Many thanks
S :)
I can appreciate you trying to get yourself in the right frame of mind but you might want to think about why you are planning to wait till Monday to start? Is it really as you want to get in the right frame of mind or is it more because you're feeling a bit crap about yourself because of last week? If so you might want to think about biting the bullet and just starting; think of it as taking control again maybe? I think sometimes we can cod ourselves a bit when really we are just procrastinating... and the longer you put something off that you will find challenging the more you will send the message to your mind that it's a negative thing which may result in you deciding Monday isn't a good start day for another reason.

If you start tomorrow by Monday you will be on Day 5, will have made it through Easter without a chocolate binge and will be well on your way to a weight loss :)

I hope this reads in the spirit it's intended; i'm not trying to nag but I think we can all admit to delaying tactics at times.


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