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Mouth hunger


Vegetarian who lives2eat
Celery ! are you mad

when i want something to pacify me it would be more exciting than that
maybe a cracker with cream cheese and grapes and only a couple of syns


Mad old Bat with Attitude
I can't chew gum, my stomach thinks it's going to be fed! Truth be told, I have abit of a phobia about it as my mother told me if I swallowed it it would gum my insides up. :eek:
"my mother told me if I swallowed it it would gum my insides up. :eek: "

My mum told me that too Judi, and if I swollowed apple pips I would have an apple tree growing inside me, how gullable can one get lol.

Anyway, comming back to mouth hunger, try a pickled onion or a girkin, that should sort it out hun.
If I fancy something - I have either a cup of tea or a coffee (they seem to take the edge off mouth hunger) OR a bunch of grapes OR if possible go and have a game on the DS - busy hands means no hand / mouth action - LOL



Full Member
I think mouth hunger is more easily treated than the growling belly kind! When my mouth wants something, I go get a lolly to lick. The skinny cow double choc type take ages to finish and don't melt that quickly so it usually gets my tastebuds through their temper tantrum!

A good alternative is a frozen curly wurly. Definite staying power for the mouth!

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