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Moved over from SW

I've just come over from sw to and I'm finding it hard to get my head around as i never had to worry about counting before and I have gone over a couple of days now and also found I haven't been eating as healthy as I was on sw but I think it just takes time to get used to, so give it a few weeks to settle in :)


Overweight or undertall?!
I did sw up to march of this year and found myself hungry on ww initially but then realised it was because my portions on extra easy were far too big! Stick with it, it works and simply filling might be the answer if you're struggling with pp x

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Totally agree with Smirnoff about portions, initially I was hungry with WW because my portions, especially pasta, with SW were way too big. A couple of weeks in I didn't have the hunger as much and now I am fine. I like to fill up on zero point soups and lots of free veggies on the side, and I browse through the recipe books for the lower pointed recipes that I fancy making on my hungry days :)

I am not sure what the UK plan is like but in Germany we can do something SW-esque which is eat as much pasta to satisfy hunger for 7 points total, or as much lean meat for 5 points total although I avoid doing this as sometimes I find it hard to tell when I'm full as opposed to greedy :p Then again over here we are on between 35 and 49 weekly points and in the UK I gather you all have 49 regardless.

Good luck and stick with it,
Morgenmuffel x
I've taken a look at simply filling but think it's too much like slimming world which i struggled with. I'll have to stick with this one for a bit longer. Today is a bit of a right off as we're having a special meal tonight (and I've already scoffed a choc muffin as I was baking them for the children). I was saving all my 49 points for today/tonight so hopefully that'll be enough.
I changed from SW to WW last October and I'm now 4 stone lighter, the first few weeks are tricky but it was like others said,that the portions I was having were just too big. I found leaving a few points to have a low pointed but filling "mini meal" helped the transition, also get some soup- nice low pointed soup saves the day!

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