Mug Shots


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Yep - the noodle and tomato pasta ones are free and the creamy ones have between 1-2 syns each - same syns values as on the Green plan


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Thanks Daisyboo, that's good as I've been eating them for lunches when doing extra easy, then kind of had a panic attack thinking they actually might not be free hehe.


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According to the SW website, the noodles ones are still free except for the Thai one which is 1/2 syn.

But a friends tells me in the new book they all have syns!

No idea why the book would be more up to date than the site, but I have my WI this evening and will get some answers!


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What are Mug Shots? I have been reading it about the forum?


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They're like cup-a-soups but have pasta, noodles or cous cous in them.


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The website is the same as the new book - your friend might be meaning the pasta snacks - they're also called Mug Shots but most do have syns (unlike the noodle snacks). Hope that helps clear it up a bit.

Mug Shots are a bit like a pot noodle snack but made in a mug rather than a plastic pot. You can find them in the supermarket near the cup-a-soups.