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Mug Shots

I am gutted, I read on here somewhere that mugsots are free on an green or extra easy day. I ate two yesterda thinking they are free but I have worked out the syns and they're not!

The sweet and sour one is 1% fat and works out on SW website syns calculator as 2.5 syns and the chicken one works out as 3 syns.

Is this true does anyone know but I bought 10 of them yesterday and would rather use my syns for other stuff like wine and crisps!

If they're not free does anyone know of anything like it that is free that is a great little snack that doesn';t require cooking that I can eat at my desk?
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Hi Couscous

Our consultant mentioned these on Weds night and said that the 1% fat ones (inc Sweet and sour) are free and that the 3% ones are very low syns. Not sure what % the chicken one is?

thanks, the chicken is 1% as well - just can't work out why it came out as higher syns when i worked it out. They are so nice I think I'm going to live on them - the sweet and sout free one obviously!


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Yes - definitely, any mugshot marked as 1% is free on G/EE. The syns calculator is only a rough guide as it does not take into account free foods etc etc. Mug shots can be found in the syns online part - manufacturer is Mug Shot IIRC
Yep those 3 mentioned, the S n S, Chicken and Tom ones are all free on Green. I've got sachets of these stashed around my work, in my car, in my work bag and at home. They're just so handy for a quick fix.
Thank you, thank you, thank you. I bought a few of each yesterday and my bf likes them as well so I'll give him the cheese and the thai ones and I'll have the free ones. You're all lifesavers
Heres a complete list for you:

Mug Shot Noodle Snack, Chicken, dried 54g sachet
Original 10 Syns Green Free

Mug Shot Noodle Snack, Chow Mein, dried 55g sachet
Original 9½ Syns Green Free

Mug Shot Noodle Snack, Spicy Sweet 'n' Sour, Less Than 1% Fat, dried 67g sachet
Original 11½ Syns Green Free

Mug Shot Pasta Snack, Cheese 'n' Ham, dried 66g sachet
Original 13 Syns Green 3½ Syns

Mug Shot Pasta Snack, Chicken 'n' Mushroom, dried 66g sachet
Original 14 Syns Green 2 Syns

Mug Shot Pasta Snack, Chicken 'n' Vegetable, dried 60g sachet
Original 12½ Syns Green 2 Syns

Mug Shot Pasta Snack, Creamy Cheese, dried 68g sachet
Original 13 Syns Green 2 Syns

Mug Shot Pasta Snack, Tomato 'n' Herb, dried 64g sachet
Original 11 Syns Green Free

(from SW syns online - Mug Shot = snacks)


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when you do the syn thing with the calculator did you tick the box for free food (does this food qualify for a free food alowence) box thing
Hi no i didn't tick the box because i wasn't sure. I guess being pasta i should have ticked the green box but i wasn't sure and thought it better to over syn them than to under syn them. Packed one up for lunch tomorrow - yummy.


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Good to know.

We tend to grab our lunch at work (we have an oven here, and it's mainly been JP's), but I chipped in with the order last week and stuck some of these on, along with some pasta and sacues, batchelors rice too.
I hope these taste good I bought some at Asda this week after seeing that they were free - I need some handy snacks.
Are they free on the Extra Easy plan as well. Do you take the lowest sin value on extra easy?

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