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Mulled Wine


I ate my willpower!
All I can find is this:-

Nearly Free alcopop
Diet drinks are all Free. Add them to your chosen spirit to make a refreshing alcoholic drink with a quarter of the Syns of a bottled alcopop. Tip: Try Lilt Zero, Diet Tango and Diet Bitter Lemon for fruity flavours.
I'm just grateful that I dont like red wine!!! That and the fact that I don't drink!


I ate my willpower!
Wow...!!!!!!!!! i didnt think it would be that many.. almost a days allowance.. im shocked.. lol.. thank god im pregnant..
Congratulations! I am tee-total so don't have to worry about the alcohol.
omg where do all the syns come from!?!?!?! so its just red wine with spices isnt it?
and orange juice....
jsut a suggestion to anyone who likes mulled wine and want a low cal version i found this:

CELEBRITY chef Antony Worrall Thompson has devised his own recipe for mulled wine, with a tenth of the calories found in standard recipes as it uses Splenda, a low calorie sweetener instead of sugar.

To serve eight: 25g/1oz Splenda, 600ml (1 pint) water, grated rind of one orange and one lemon, 10 cloves, one stick cinnamon, grating of nutmeg, eight cardamom pods, two bottles red wine, and two spoons brandy-soaked sultanas.

Dissolve the Splenda in the water. Add the remainder of the ingredients except the sultanas and simmer for 20 minutes. Do not allow to boil. Strain the wine into toddy glasses, each containing a few brandy-soaked sultanas.

i dont know how many syns would be in it but a hell of a lot less than 14.5!!!
Don't weight watchers do a version? Might be sacrilege mentioning WW in a slimming work forum, and I humbly apologize. Just an option.
I know WW do wine.. but cos of the difference in the plans low point stuff is normally fairyly high syn.. i think someone off here had a WW dessert and it ended up being quite high in syn.. I know someone who did WW really enjoyed the wine though..

x x
Couldn't we use a syn free orange squash to add to the wine with sweetener and the mulled wine spices?? I might try that on Saturday when I'm putting my Xmas tree up.
There is a recipe on the slimming world website for some mulled wine, we tried it but halved the recipe as it's for 18 people.... I ended up drinking most of it though :/ whoops. was very nice though
Just wondering if anyone knows how many syns are in the other beverages that you get at Christmas markets etc - I had cherry wine instead of mulled wine while at the market in Birmingham last week and I chalked it up to the same syns as mulled wine to be on the safe side but realistically if it's LITERALLY just warm cherry wine (not that I know - just assuming!) then surely it should be much less? As I think the syns in mulled wine come from the added fruit content. Also though they had hot cider, and hot wine made from other fruits (raspberry, blueberry, apple, I think).

I don't think we'll ever know for sure but just wondered if anyone has tried to work it out?
I'm thinking that an alcohol free version could be made using sugar free blackcurrant squash, simmered gently with a mulled wine sachet (not a sugary one - a 'herbs and spices' one) and adding a dash of sugar free orange squash, some lemon slices instead of orange (as lemon juice is free). Then maybe serve with a dash of balsamic vinegar.

If you make your own from red wine, and heat it up with just the spices then surely it should just be the same sins as red wine?
I would have though so Trixicle ... maybe a little sweetener and/or sugar free orange squash. I make a syn free spiced red cabbage using a mulled wine spice bag, sugar free apple squash and sweetener instead of apples and sugar and it's delicious - I would have thought it's the same principle :D

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