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Muller light skinny cappuchino yogurt

Discussion in 'Syn Values' started by jessie15, 6 May 2014 Social URL.

  1. jessie15

    jessie15 Full Member

    Hi, does anyone know how many syns these are please? X
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  3. Willbeslimjen

    Willbeslimjen Gold Member

  4. jessie15

    jessie15 Full Member

    Thanks for that, I am so relieved they are gorgeous!!!!!
  5. miss roberts

    miss roberts Member

    Mmmmmmmmmmmmm :) best flavour ever!!!
    Typical they're limited edition :(
  6. kpnutt

    kpnutt Member

    So glad I have finally found out they are free. Realy surprised how nice these are. Will be stocking up on these!
  7. Bunnylush

    Bunnylush Gold Member

    Thank You I have been googling all night trying to find if they're free. And I'm so in love with my first one I've emailed muller to Thank them and beg they're made permanent and not a special :)

    I'm pondering what desserts could be made :)
  8. Viixenx

    Viixenx ~*Here I go again on my own*~

    love them! Especially with a cheeky tsp of choc shot thrown in. Mmm
  9. Beckieee

    Beckieee Silver Member

    These were mentioned at group today, I'm deffo going to try :)
  10. Bunnylush

    Bunnylush Gold Member

    Yesterday I mixed my supper one with half pot quark and sweetener and left it in the fridge all day. Then added sliced banana for supper. Tirimisalu style! Choc shot on top!
  11. Beckieee

    Beckieee Silver Member

    This sounds incredible. I still haven't tried quark, what it is it? Don't know why but I imagine it to be like tofu cheese haha
  12. Bunnylush

    Bunnylush Gold Member

    It looks and feels like Philadelphia mixed with fromage frais but no cheese taste. It tastes rank alone. But putting it in the fridge with any ingredients garlic, blue cheese, chocolate options, fruit. It absorbs the flavour and makes a bowl full of dip or creamy dessert. It's also brilliant for quiche or other SW things like baking 1/2 syn roulade, oopsie bread. It also tops cakes or lasagne, it's very versatile once you teach yourself, it took me a while!! Just don't taste it straight from the pot!!!
    Oh and I buy mine from Morrisons in the cheese isle with the feta type special cheeses in a yogurt type pot.
  13. Beckieee

    Beckieee Silver Member

    Thanks I will do :) someone at group said white options hot chocolate with it makes a white chocolate like taste :)
  14. Bunnylush

    Bunnylush Gold Member

    Yes brilliant instead of cream or topping for trifle, cakes etc. it's the leaving it in the fridge all day you have to remember so it takes full advantage of the flavours.
  15. mrsjo.bee

    mrsjo.bee New Member

    Haven't seen this flavour of Muller - not made it this far north yet!
  16. Mr DB

    Mr DB New Member

    i just found these in Asda 6 for £3 they are lush, how can something so nice be syn free but who cares they are :D
  17. luisa71

    luisa71 Full Member

    I saw those in morrisons the other day on offer 10 for £3, only bought one because I'm not fond of muller yogs but really fancied the coffee one and it was lovely! Have just sent hubby to morrisions for some more. May freeze a few for coffee ice cream or add a chopped banana.
  18. slimLolly

    slimLolly Full Member

    Thanks for this tip! I have this chilling in the fridge for pudding tonight and just tried a taste. Definitely hits very close to filling that tiramisu craving.

    Think I could even serve this to family with a SW style sponge cake soaked in coffee and dusted in some extra cocoa for the full effect for very little syns!
  19. Bunnylush

    Bunnylush Gold Member

    It had crossed my mind too, I still have Xmas trifle sponges left.

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