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I've just fired off an e mail to Muller about their new Cheesecake flavoured yogurts, I'm not a big complainer but if you don't tell people what's wrong they can't fix it lol! I found that neither of them tasted like cheesecake enough, the strawberry one is like normal strawberry and the New York Style one has those horrible slimy buscuit bits. Anyone else find them a complete disappointment?
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Yes - got one yesterday and thought it was boring. It was the strawberry one and there was nothing about it which reminded me of cheesecake at all!

And I am glad you told me about the New York one - now I won't bother. Thank you!!


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Yep - got strawberry ones and found them less tasty than a normal strawberry muller!


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havent tried them yet as im not sure i could bear to 'spend' a syn on a yogurt!!

dont think i'll bother after this!


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I've already aired my disappointment elsewhere but will do it here too! :D

The strawberry one is definitely not worth the 1 syn as I actually prefer the normal strawberry one. The only added bit was slimey biscuit bits.

The New York cheesecake one, whilst a different flavour to normal, still has the slimey bits in (and I'm not one that hates bits in a yoghurt) and nothing like the real thing. Possibly worth the 1 syn to get a different flavour.

The Lemon cheesecake one I've never come across. I'd use 1 syn to get lemon flavour though! Yum! Hope it doesn't have the slimey bits in.


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Couldn't agree more - I posted elsewhere about it being like drinking tea with bits in!
No flavour and def. NOT worth 1 syn!
A BIG dissapointment. :cool:


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Fray the lemon cheesecake yogurts have the slimy bits in unfortunately. I don't particularly like muller lights to begin with so not really surprised I didn't like the cheesecake one either.

At the end of the day, these are diet yogurts so they're not going to taste anything like real cheesecake.


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Fray the lemon cheesecake yogurts have the slimy bits in unfortunately.
Darn! Perhaps the lemony taste will outweigh the slime!
I quite like the New York ones, atleast they taste a bit biscuity but the Strawberry are just yogurt. Nothing different at all, I was really disappointed. I haven't tried the lemon ones but don't think I'll bother.


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I've had the strawberry one and I too was compelled to write to Muller. Absolutely rubbish. I didn't expect it to be like a cheesecake, I'm not so naive as to think it would, but I did expect something a little different to a normal strawberry yoghurt.
Very disappointed.
Yuck, yuck, yuck!! I am also sooo disappointed by these, I tried both flavours, what a waste of syns. The slimy bits were revolting snotty lumps in my opinion, what were Muller thinking?!!! :/

Rant over, lol. :)
I thought I was treating myself to the Strawberry Cheesecake one the other night and I can only agree with you all that it was rank. Soggy crumbs and not as nice as usual strawberry yogurt. Very disappointing.


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I completely agree about the strawberry one but haven't tried the new york one yet. I don'tmind the lemon one, but much prefer the Weight watcher's dessert recipe yoghurts. The lemon cheesecake one is lovely and so is the toffee apple one!

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