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Multi packs of peanuts?


Determind to do it!!!!!!!
I have found these kp multipacks, they are small, can you have one a day on induction, I know dr atkins said no to nuts, but he cited the reason as to be due to eating too many at each sitting, you don't stop.

But surely if they are limited to a certain amount, what do you think?
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I have peanut butter sometimes, but I'm very heavily in ketosis and rarely go above 15g carbs a day. I tend to have it on days when I've undereaten.

I'd say give it two weeks on meat, cheese, eggs and leafy green veg. Then you can try introducing things like swede and nuts. Having a mini bag in the car or your handbag for emergencies might be useful, but I wouldn't decide to eat one pack a day.


Determind to do it!!!!!!!
Cool, that is what I thought. DR Atkins just says to not have them due to the fact you tend to over eat on them.

I will wait till 2 weekd, then have some.

But the tip is good about having them for emergencies, as I don't really like the atkins bars.
Atkins has a food pyramid. Google it if you haven't heard of it. Foods should be added back in the order in which they appear on this 'pyramid'. To eat nuts you should wait until you reach the nut rung.

Peanuts aren't actually 'nuts' in the sense we usually mean. I think they are classified as a legume? Something like that!

You might stall or slow losses if you have peanuts too soon x


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They're a pea ;)

No really, they are. But in my own utterly unqualified opinion, if you're going to be on induction for a long time - a few months - then it's okay to have the odd modifier as long as you count it closely, don't overdo it and work it into your total. And nuts, to me, are a far healthier better add in than say diabetic chocolate, which is on no food pyramids. But yes, nuts do stall people and like anything else it's important to monitor whether it's the case with you.
And as already said here - nuts are horribly more-ish! So hard to stop at just a few, and when you get the taste for them, particularly salted ones, cravings can result.

I agree, again, that they are probably a better choice of snack than sugar alcohols, etc. The Devil's Delights, Jim calls sugar free/diabetic chox and sweets!


Determind to do it!!!!!!!
Thank you all guys, intersesting.
I will have them only in an emergency!

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