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Mums who breast fed please please help

big bear

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S: 14st7lb
I was breastfeeding Eryn until yesterday & for a number of reasons had to stop (please no lectures re: breast is best etc etc)

Today I've woke up feeling horrendous. I've got a headache, sore boobs, all my body aches as if I've got flu, no energy. I'm also freezing cold with goosebumps on my skin but to touch me I'm hot. I've never ever felt so ill.

Is it just flu? I don't want to go to a&e and waste their time.

Has any of you experience this? I know you're not drs just want opinions/ experiences please is it cause I've just stopped feeding her?

Thanks in advance.
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Goodness you sound like your really feeling under the weather!

I can't say that i experienced anything like that when I stopped feeing my own children, so not sure if its possible it could be linked. I know there alot of virus' circulating at the mo though, so could be a virus maybe.

What about contacting NHS direct??


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i only breast fed my first for a week and never did with my second but from what i know from friends etc it sounds like you may have mastitis.....i would get yourself checked out hun.

What are the symptoms?

Infection usually produces the worst symptoms. The breast becomes red, hot, swollen and shiny and the nipple may produce pus. More general symptoms include high fever, shivers, muscle aches, nausea and vomiting.
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Sounds like you have mastitis, this can be caused by infrequent feeding. Not had it myself but a couple of my friends have. Symptoms are:

Symptoms of mastitis

Mastitis usually only affects one breast and the symptoms often develop quickly.
Symptoms of mastitis include:

  • a red area on your breast that may feel hot and painful to touch
  • the breast can then start to appear lumpy and red
  • a burning pain in the breast that may be continuous or may only occur when you are breastfeeding
  • your breast may also feel hard
Over half of women with mastitis may also experience flu-like symptoms such as:

  • aches
  • a high temperature (fever) of 38C (100.4F) or over
  • shivering and chills
  • feeling tired
  • feeling generally unwell
Think you will probably need antibiotics to treat it. Hope you feel better soon!


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This is going to sound really weird but one of my friends swears by putting cabbage leaves in your bra to help relieve the soreness in your boobs. If you google you will find more info but for example
Sign in to read: Why does cabbage work as treatment for mastitis, and painful breasts when breastfeeding? - 19 May 2007 - New Scientist or
Hope you start feeling better soon.
I'm no GP, but having had mastitis twice in 2 weeks (over Christmas & New Year if you please!!!) I entirely recognise the symptoms. It is a horrible thing & I do sympathise... I saw an "out of hours" GP on both occasions (eventually!!!!) & had babysafe antibiotics which cleared it up. If you've stopped breastfeeding, it might be no use to you, but I was told to keep feeding/expressing, as it reduces the full & swollen feeling. Sending you big hugs xxxx
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It definitely sounds like mastitis. I felt like I had been kicked the length and breadth of a football pitch. Phone out of hours service and get yourself seen. It won't wait til Monday. In the meantime use alternating hot (as you can stand) and cold flannels applied to your boobs, this will relieve some of the engorgement without having to actually express (there is no way I could touch mine!) standing under a hot shower with the shower stream directly on your boobs helps too.

big bear

A bear on a mission!
S: 14st7lb
thank you so so much, I've definitely got most of those symptons. I'm gonna phone my community mw as I'm still signed with her. She should be able to get me antibiotics from the hospital.

I'll try to express some milk & the cabbage leaves to see if that helps in the meantime.

Its been a difficult wk as my 22mth has been really playing up tantrums/screaming till he's sick etc

I do hope he gets better as time goes by....the baby is very good.

Again thank you all x
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Mastitis. Which could be the rason why you ahd to stop breast feeding. Might be able to restart once this is sorted. I know I did after 2 bouts within a fortnight

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