Extra Easy I dont want to weigh myself, I become obssessed with scales in the past- please help.


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Hi folks,
I've just started slimming world again after a two year - "I'll start next week" procrastination approach.
The thing is I dont want to weigh my self, I've become obssessed with the scales in the past due to to a lifetime battle with bulimia.
Last time I lost 2 stones but i might have weighed my self twice a day or more and if i was the same or put on weight I'd not have the confidence to attend group sessions. Eventually I gave up and went back to my old ways + putting an additional 3 stones back on.
While doing the SW EE plan is honestly the healthiest I have ever eaten and I got to experience the joys of actually enjoying food instead of bidding my time so I could scurry off to the toilet and get rid of my food.
I have signed up online as I just dont trust myself with group but worst of all I cant bear the thought of weighing my self again and become obssessed with it.
I no longer even own any scales, and I feel alone and scared what will happen if I return the scales and fall into this deadly pattern again.
I have panic attacks about my size and I desperately just want to get healthy as i feel like my body is failing me in every way at the current weight I am. I seclude my self off from my family and friends as I feel so ashamed that I could let things get this far.
I just need advice on the whole scales, weighting myself saga. I feel so isolated and alone, even though i have three beautiful children, of which I want to be the best mum i can in setting a good example for them because at the minute I just hid behind a very false mask, showing them one thing and doing the direct opposite my self. I really would appreciate any advice or inputs you have. I just want to be healthy and happy as of now I am anything but that.
Sorry for the essay, please advice me how to go forward in the correct most positive way.
Many Many Thanks
Hi Cassey,

Firstly, well done with taking the step of joining! You've recognised that you were healthiest on SW, so that's a really good start.

In regards to the scales, it's a bit more difficult, because of doing it online. If you were going to group, I'd suggest just covering the scales, or weighing facing backwards! I run weigh at our group, and we have a couple of ladies who do that, because they don't want to get hung up in the numbers. Are you a member of a gym? They have scales, and you could ask a member of staff to weigh you in the same way, without you actually seeing the numbers. Or perhaps a doctors surgery.

Have you tried going to a group? For me, group has actually made me feel less isolated and has really helped me in terms of support.

Hope at least some of these ideas might help in some way.

T_T x
Hi, well done for deciding to start again!
Do you think you could go to group and not look at the numbers on the scales like suggested above? It might help you stay on track to have the support of other group members and you don't have to worry about the numbers on the scales, especially if you don't have any scales at home. Just let your consultant know that's what you want to do.
Alternatively could you just adopt the slimming world lifestyle without weighing yourself at all? Just look at it like healthy eating to make yourself feel good but not worry at all about weight. You might choose to take measurements at the start then every month or so if you want to track it that way, or not because you'll definitely notice a change if your clothes get looser!
Let us know how it all works out!