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I know how you feel. Very munchy today too even though I'm supposed to be "good" *sigh*
Sugar free jelly ain't doing it for me lol, just ate a flake bar from a multipack hehe. X

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I'd much rather have a flake lol. Just took the dog out for a wall to take me mind off food .....I think I feel hungrier!!! X
Your willpower is amazing lol. I gave in to the chocolate craving, I defo need to be a good girl next week haha!!

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I've actually bitten off my nails at this stage :( maybe a pedicure instead lol! I frickin hate ironing... Nooooo way I'm doing that tonight hehe!

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I've got the munchies to, just done a pile of washing to take my mind off munching but now keep thinking of all those lovely biscuits in tin!;)
~Crooked Smile~ said:
Now I have a massive craving for "munchies" those chocolate toffee biscuit things? Om nom nom
Oh sheesh ya'll, tis a nightmare! Totally craving munchies now too hahaha! I'm such a piggy today!

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Oh damn, I shouldn't have read this, now I want a pack of munchies too lol.

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