must have been something in the air


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I am one of the few that have fallen off this weekend. Like everyone else, I am gutted.

I woke up Saturday and weighed and to my extreme suprise/pleasure, I have lost 2 stone. That is 2 stone in 10 days. I had to check this 3 times but each time was the same. I was alos very hungry and had I not lost this much, I probably would not have cheated. I made the kids some lunch and was aching to have a slice of bread. This then turned in to a complete sandwich and things snowballed!

Sunday was the same. I am very dissapointed with myself, but have now sorted my head out and back on track. I am scared to weigh as my weight has quite extreme fluctuations and I am worried that I wont like whatI see.

Just thought I would share my failure with everyone as a way of cleansing my soul!

Thanks for listening.
Hiya Neco

oh my god 2 stone in 10 days.... and ur calling urself a failure???? now take stock of ur achievements so far and the fact that you have got ur head back in gear today and be soooo very very proud of yourself :) :)

if ur weight fluctuates that much and you reckon ur head wouldn't be able to cope with a loss just give urself a day or two for the oul glycogen levels to pop back down and then weigh urself!!

a big huge well done on how well you have done so far... how much have you to lose??

gen xx
Hiya Neco,

I know how you feel, I done the same twice.

I actually felt so ill the day after, not sure if it was guilt or just the food, but get back on track later today, or tomorrow, have extra water, you never know it might not even show on the scales, if it does, at least we know why, and next week is another loss.

I know getting hungry is the key to cheating, so try to have more and more water to keep hunger at bay. Or at least the feeling you want to eat.

If I can carry on, you can.

Well done on great loss so far!

Glad that you've sorted your mind out and are now able to get back on track. Keep off the scales for a few days,or you might feel disappointed if you see a 'gain' and might eat again (think I would) Your glycogen will soon go again.

Funny aren't we? We see a great loss on the scales so we reward ourselves with food! I do it time and time again I hope you keep strong and stay on the wagon til the end, but don't beat yourself up just get back on and carry on.

I think you're doing great and thank you for sharing your slip up, makes us all realise that we're all human and not the only ones slipping up.

Keep us posted.
I think sometimes we are not ready to let go of our fat suit as it was such a good friend to us when we wanted to hide from the world...but it does get to the point that a fat suit in no longer what we need and it is time to cast if off and claim the person we are and make the most of life.

Stepping out of the fat suit is scary for we were all invisible for so can be done... and some take off and do it right away and others slip and slide their way to goal.

We will all get their eventually as long as we never give up:)

Keep moving forward in the direction you want to go and know that you are not alone.

Love Mini xxx
Neco, that's fantastic.
It's taken me 2 months to lose 2 stone so you're incredibly lucky that the diet has worked so well.
We went out for lunch yesterday and I knew I would eat but couldn't stop myself having a dessert but never mind, eh? I'm straight back on the diet today as though it never happened and plan to stick to it too. Weight loss will get results, it will, it will..