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My 1st week weigh in!

Hi all, I started LT on Mon 9th Aug and due to the fact that I don't actually have any scales in the house, I haven't been able to take a sneaky peak at how much I have lost since then. But as the suspense was killing me, I went down to the chemist today to get weighed and I have lost 12lbs!!!!! :D
This has really motivated me to continue for the duration, roll on week 2!

Week 1 - 12lbs :kissass:
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Hi blessedgirl good on you hun! well done, you have more will power then me anyway lol. I started lt 2 weeks ago and cheated for the first 3 days resulting me in to loosing 4Ibs but i got bak on track and lost 10ibs altogether would of lost more if i didnt cheat but hey ho a lost is a lost. xxx
Thank you so much milkshakejunkie and Daisy1966! I don't think I could have got through my 1st week without the support of this forum! My 1st week was surprisingly pleasant and I just hope the rest of the weeks follow the same trend!
Thank you size10bikini, i'm well chuffed! I was a little worried I may not have lost much as its my TOTM. The loss has really made me think that it is well worth sticking too! My official weigh in should be tomorrow, but I was a little too eager and so got weighed a couple days earlier. But i'm gonna go back to the chemist tomorrow to see if i have lost a couple more lbs to get me into my 1st stone!
Well done, what a fantastic start! It really gives you a boost to see such good results on the scales.
You don't have that much to lose, either, so I reckon you will be at your goal in no time.
Glad your first week went ok, lots of luck for week 2 :)


Here we go again!
Well done on your first week's loss, 12lbs is fantastic! Stay positive and keep up the good work and I bet week 2 is a fantastic loss too!
Well done super loss x
Thank you so much everyone, its so encouraging having all the support from you all! I feel as though I have OCD because I officially started LT on a Monday 9th Aug, (but was intrigued to find out what the loss was on a saturday), so I went back to the pharmacy today so that I can be weighed on my official weigh day and i have lost another 1.5lbs! So in total i have lost 13.5lbs in my 1st week, which I am very proud of! :D
Well done TT Tessie, 10lbs is a great loss, I'm only on day 2 but I would be so happy to loose that much! Counting down the days to my first weigh in, it cant come quick enough!

Good luck for week 2!:)
Thanks Emma

Now remember I'm a V fuller figured female so will shed easier in the early days (allegedly).

Good luck for the rest of the week, it is tough but well worth it.

Will look forward to hearing how you get on.:)
Hi everyone! After feeling soooo excited at my 1st weeks weigh in, I am sooooo depressed now as my weight loss for the 2nd week was only 2lbs! I feel so upset and i'm starting to think why i'm putting myself thru this if thats all i'm gonna loose! I am still trying to keep jovial and not let it get to me, but its hard! To top it all off, my best friend is having her hen night this evening and she has booked a table at the ASK restaurant. I do not know how I can get outta that one as I haven't told anyone that i am doing LT and I don't want to tell them either, as when people don't understand why you would take such measures to loose weight, they tend to talk you out of it!

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