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My 1st WI disapointed :-(


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But think about it this way, that's 3.3lbs you'll never see again! And it's more than you'd get with Weight Watchers or the like. So you should be really proud of yourself, 100% is a big achievement. Did you do measurements too?


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Also, when you're close to a healthy BMI the losses are smaller because there's less of you! I still think you deserve a big well done though!


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You may be one of those ODD people like me :eek: Who takes 10 days for it to show on the scales - apparently it is a well known phenomenon!! So fingers crossed for next week m8 x


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I understand how you might feel disappointed as it seems like a lot of sacrifice for not much payback, but I think that it usually works out that if you lose a smaller amount then the next weigh-in is usually more substantial.

Really thats 1/4 stone gone and a good weight-loss!! As caroline g said, its more than you'd get on a 'normal' weight loss plan, and anything off is a step in the right direction.

How has you water intake been? I think this can affect your loss, perhaps you aren't having enough?

Best of luck and stick at it!
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Well I think it's great. 3.3 is better than putting on and if you wasn't on the diet you may have :confused: (I know I would have done!) Keeping going your doing well.:D


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Awww hun dont be disappointed you have done fab!!! Its 3.3lb off FOREVER!!! thats an achievement in itself!!! keep up the good work hunni xxxx


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Thank you, no I did not measure. My cdc said that the cold makes difference and sometimes the weight loss does not show till the 2nd week.Am not giving in I will be slim ;-).Am having problem with bowel movement already not been for few days need to get some fibre, or any advise in this direction would be aprieciated.


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That's the spirit!!

The few days can make a few pounds of difference!


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3.3lb is a really good loss, especially when you're struggling going to the loo - well done :)


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Awwwww I know you'll feel crap but I think the fact your not overly over weight could maybe have something to do with it??

Am I clutching at straws LOL

Your 2nd week will be brill I just know it!

3 lbs is 3lbs though! X


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like everyone has said 3lb is still a good loss especially as you arent far off a healthy bmi and that you havent been to the loo for a few days, next week will be better im sure


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Well done with a good weight loss, remember many people start the diet with a BMI above 30. I know that being bunged up would mean at least a pound less lost at the scales.
Good Luck for next week x


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Thats a great loss hun, please don't be disheartened. You are a little bunged up too, so bet next week will show a weight loss you are happier with once you have had a poo.

Movicol can buy it over the counter, but cheaper to get it on prescription if you have a nice Gp.

Ooooh, am talking poo again. Can't go through a day without talking about poo lol. Is the nurse in me rofl

Charlie xx

miss jelly tot

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Yes anything gentle you can take, like fed said movicol or senna. Don't take dulcolax if you can help it. I took it and spent most of the night on the toilet crying in pain. It seems to be harsher than the others.


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Oh big thank you to you all, my jeans feel loose on my waist so I am happy. Your are such great bunch and so funny in places. Have great day ;-)