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My apologies...

I came to this thread a few months back with the best of intentions...since then we've miscarried twice. In May and two weeks ago. Very early on but they were my fourth and fifth loss. I've decided to hold off trying for 6-12 months. So I'm trying again now - I need to get fitter now. I put on a lot of weight for a number of reasons-but I've had enough now. So any help and advice would be much much appreciated. I'm a vegetarian btw...however I've jst started eating tuna!! My first impressions of this site-u r all a lovely bunch! See u on the way xx
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Hi CeeDeesWife, so sorry to read about your losses. You'll find lots of encouragement on here, sound advice and motivation. There are a couple of vegetarians around too (sorry, forget names :eek:) so they may be able to help with veggie questions. All the best with Atkins, you know it makes sense (been watching Only Fools and Horses ;) Lucy xx


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Hello CeeDee... What a time you've had! Hugs! Good luck with Atkins and take care :)
Thank u so much! Honestly it means so much. I 'belong' to another forum too and feel like each time I go bk I have an excuse for not succeeding-but as my husband pointed out-they're not excuse but reasons-and now to use those reasons the right way. So I have been. Reading up the new Atkins book again and been using what I know so far. Down 2lbs this wk-and gonna keep on going!!

Thanks once again...I'm so excited now.. X


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Well done on losing 2lbs! A great start! :)


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Sorry to hear of the awful time you've had CeeDee. We are a friendly lot on here. Good luck :D


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Welcome back CeeDee. So sorry to hear about your miscarriages, love, but you are completely right to focus on getting your health back and getting stronger, and we will do whatever we can to help.

Well done on the 2lbs, great start! :D


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welcome onboard all the help you need is here just ask


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Hiya cdw - welcome back:) huge ((hugs)) for your losses xxx
I got a little teary reading your lovely msgs. So very kind- jst what I needed. I have to say some days are better than others. Often I'll be having an ok day-then I'll remember and my heart just sinks. But I am trying to find a different focus, and this is it. A good day food wise-loving eggs...
I think I'm gonna start the day with either an egg cream 2mo or a protein shake. Been craving sugar again...had a small spoonful in my tea! I really dislike splenda so used real sugar- bad I know. Tomorrow is another day. Hope all is well with you all!! X


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Post all your menus hun and we'll give you as many pointers as we can :)
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hiya, my you've had a hard time!

stick with us and we'll help you through, we share here what bothers us, and talk each other through the bad, laugh together about the rest!
Hello, and welcome to Atkins.

I suffered two miscarriages in the past so I know how you feel. But there is no reason you should not go on to have healthy babies in future. Sometimes there is an obvious reason for the miscarriage; at other times, there isn't. I was told that sometimes the pregnancy does not 'take' properly, or whatever, and the body recognises that it could not have gone on successfully to full term, so it ends the process at an early stage. At other times the 'medical' reason is inconclusive or unknown. Either way it can be devastating.

Take some time to take care of YOU. Eat healthily and well, as we all do on Atkins. I am vegetarian and thankfully the most recent Atkins book (A New You) has plenty of info for us veggies. Eat tuna if you wish to of course but don't feel you have to.

Eating good healthy food makes us feel so much better. Starving, I think, all too often has the exact opposite effect. The brain is a muscle, the most important one we have, and it needs daily nourishment, just as the rest of the body does.

Welcome again to the Atkins board and feel free to ask away should you need help or advice. Be kind to yourself! Before you know it you will be strong and well-nourished and eager to try again.

Good luck hun!

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