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My Atkins experience


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Hi my name is Vikki, I am 34 years old and married with 4 children, all girls, 3 of them teenagers god help me lol!!

I am in my second year at uni doing my social work degree and I work part time in a childrens home.

I have been seriously trying to lose weight for about a year. I have lost 2 1/2 stone on WW and then stalled and I was always starving! I read about Atkins, bought the book and am determined to lose the rest this way. I have lost 8lb so far, I am in my third week and am stalling, so I have been advised to start a journal to see if it helps.

I have cut out the Atkins bars this week to see if this will help me un-stall!

Thank you for reading!
Vikki xxx
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Hi Vikki. Hope it's going well for you. Well done on your loss so far. First week for me too and apart from yesterday i've been really good. Had great support from the guys on this forum, They've been my lifeline. Good luck for the Bank holiday weekend x


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Hi Vikki and welcome

Why not post your menus here and we can see how you're doing? Everyone is very friendly and non critical, and we all have lots of stories about what stalls for some and not for others :)
Hi Vikki, I'll be following you now I've found your diary :)


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Right thank you for your messages it's nice to know that you are all so supportive

Today I have had/will be having

B- a cold sausage and a piece of crustless quiche
L-2 cold sausages and some prawns and Mayo
D- will have steak and broccoli and mushrooms
S-bag if mini pepperami maybe a choc Mim later with some cream
W-2 Lyra so far

Not enough veg today but I usually have more, I have been at uni so just grabbed stuff as and when I could today!


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Yeah I've been thinking about doing that, I just don't know how I'd cope with no cheese or creamer mims lol xx ive got until Monday for my weigh in to see if not having the Atkins bars will kick start me off. If not I'll maybe cut the cheese next week?


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Hi Vicki
Just found your diary. Cutting the bars is a great idea - i should keep going and see how it goes. Good luck ;)


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Well today has been a bit of a mish mash lol

B-3 boiled eggs
L-2 burgers 2 chicken drumsticks, little bit of onion and Mayo (at a BBQ)
D-steak and mushrooms with boirson cheese on and some spring greens
S-pork scratchings, little bit of cream and cocoa
W-at least 2 litres but mostly with a little 0.2 carb orange juice in!

Any thoughts? I know I've been bad on the greens again today lol!


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Yes hun sorry to labour it but you need more greens - they will help you lose, not hinder, promise :)


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Yeah I have woke up in a better frame of mind today! I'm gonna go as clean and green as I can for the next few weeks!

So far this morning I've had
B-just water
L-ham salad with Mayo

I'll be having
D-tuna Mayo salad
W-as much as humanly possible lol
E-ran 2k this morning (not very far today lol)


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And try to eat three meals a day, that will help too, don't know why but it does :)


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Yeah I do usually, just been a bit of a wierd weekend lol getting a lot more greens today! Start as I mean to go on I think! X
Morning, so did you eat your greens then? ;)


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Yeah, I was really good! I am trying to eat better now today I have had a little ham and cucumber for breakfast and I have just had a lovely tuna salad with a little Mayo and onion.

Gonna have steak and mushrooms and lettuce for tea. It's hard not having anything sweet! I may have a little sugar free jelly or a choc mim and cream tonight as a treat!


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Good menu hun, sounds good - and you've just reminded me to make up some jelly too :)
Morning Vikki, how's things?


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Hi not too bad thanks Jim! I am sticking with the clean and green and it's my next weigh in on thursday morning, so we will see if it has managed to unstall me fingers crossed.

This morning I have had a mushroom omelette and a prawn salad with a little Mayo going to have chicken and purple sprouting broccoli!!! For tea,yummy lol

Got some sugar free jelly in the fridge in case of an emergency and pork scratchings on standby too!

Wish me luck lol I may need it! Been to the gym this morning, but I need to get a LOT more water down me, that is a constant struggle I'm afraid!
I feel any liquid will do Vikki, legal of course, but if it helps you drink more. I drink loads and loads of green tea, the dec


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Really, so water with a little 0.3 carb juice is ok? Or any other alternatives?

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