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my best friend the toilet!!


addicted to minimins!!
I actually think it is my new best friend! i know its from all the water im drinking and that it should settle once my body gets used to it but i must have burnt so many calories already today going to and from the loo!! i should have a portopotty with me at all times lol :)
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addicted to minimins!!
and ive just got back lol :)
tedious innit? especially in the night....I've stopped drinking after 8.00pm
Never been through so much toilet paper...
Oh dont mention the toilet paper lol!!!!!!!

My sons beginning to think we have a toilet roll muncher in the house and I honestly swear I'm not that hungry :D


addicted to minimins!!
thats very true..i was only wondering where all mine had gone as i started a roll that was about 3/4s full the day before yesterday and its gone..think i need to go easy...save the trees and all that jazz!
OMG......our loos at work are outside our building therefore I have to sprint through the rain and cold to get there....but well worth eat...I definitely must be shedding half of it on the way!!! LOL!
Spare a thought for us public servants in Social Care - I'm on the road most days visiting people who insist on giving me cups of tea, which I manage to fend off into "just water thanks". however, not all the places I visit have toiletes ou would want to use - think "life of Grime", or if they do, they are so posh you dont like to ask!
By the time I get home I'm desperate and have to fight my 5 year old who thinks it funny to get there first and do the biggest wee known to boy-kind.

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