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  1. hfullard92

    hfullard92 Member

    Hi! I'm Heather :) I NEED TO LOSE 6 STONE!!!!!
    I have been yo yo dieting for as long as I can remember I have tried all the fad diets from cabbage soup to the egg diet, shakes and starving myself but none of these work and all end up in me over indulging in food as soon as I can't take it any more! I LOVE food and that is part of my problem! I need a diet where I can eat lots of all the yummy food I love and have treats in moderation! This is why I have chosen slimming world! There are so many yummy foods on the plan and this makes it easier for me to stay on track I have done it before and lost a lot of weight but gained it all again this time I am not giving up so thought I could share my weight loss journey with everyone! So my starting weight last week was 16 stone 8 and this week I am 16 stone 3 so I have lost 5lb this week wooohoooo :) it's a new week so I am going to share my food diary and anything else I feel appropriate ;)

    Breakfast: beans on toast with a banana
    Lunch: pasta with tuna and a little bit of mayonnaise and salad (2 syns)
    Dinner: bacon French toast egg mushrooms tomato I made potato scones using smash and I had slimming world chips it was absolutely delicious :D
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  3. hfullard92

    hfullard92 Member

    Day 2!

    So today I have been so hungry and literally ate the full day though I have tried to make wise choices on the plan! Does anyone else have days when they could eat anything and everything in sight! Definitely been one of them days. It has been quite stressful today with uni work and a very grumpy little 3 year old 3 going on 30 ;)
    Today for breakfast I had bacon and two slices of bread (HeB) and lots of grapes
    Lunch I had a pasta n sauce tomato flavour which was very quick and filling when on the go followed by a strawberry muller light yogurt and a banana
    Tonights dinner I made my own version of Spanish chicken - chopped tomatos courgettes onion pepper sweetcorn and carrot. I added paprika tomato purée mixed herbs and seasoned with salt and pepper served with cous cous it was so filling and very tasty
    Snacks: I had a skinny cow mint choc chip ice lolly (4.5 syns) salt and vinegar snack a jacks (4 syns) and I made homemade scones which are 6 syns each :O
  4. La Parisienne

    La Parisienne Silver Member

    Hey chick!

    Just stumbled accross your diary and thought I'd sub!

    Your story sounds similar to mine! I have ALOT of weight to lose and love food! I did SW before and put it all (and more!) back on. Now i'm here to stay (hopefully).

    I've found being on minimins so supportive, encouraging and inspiring!

    5lbs in your first week?? Congrats! Sounds like you have an excellent start to this week too! I often have days when all I want to do is snack too! Writing a food diary helps me - sometimes I realise I really have snacked too much and sometimes, when it's all written down, realise I've been feeling guilty for nothing!

    Good luck with your goal! I'm sure you can do it!
  5. hfullard92

    hfullard92 Member

    Hi Sophie :D yeah it defo helps writing a food diary it's amazing the amount of unnoticed syns you eat when you don't I fact I tried this a couple of weeks ago I didn't write what I ate down but just 'remembered' how much I had eaten at night time I was still under my syns allowance we'll so I thought so I sat down and wrote down everything I had eaten throughout the day and it was amazing how much food I had FORGOT I had ate it was like i had this this oh yeah I had that too oh and that WHOOPS! Yes I was very good last week and it payed of would be good if you kept posting on this thread can maybe help each other share recipes ideas and our weight loss :D It definitely helps when you need to tell someone how much you have lost/gained!! I can't afford to attend my class at the moment so am doing it solo mio would love someone to share my big fat weight loss journey and let's face it it's defo a long one ;)

    ANYWAY VALENTINES DAY TODAY! We are skint so I am making me and the husband a romantic three course meal for tonight! No idea what to make and still stay on plan! Why do we even need to have a romantic meal tonight what makes today so important it's just another day he is working all day I am doing uni work and looking after the little monster amongst tidying and now having this added stress of what the f*** can I make that isn't to time consuming but so I am not going over my syns :confused: MEN!
  6. La Parisienne

    La Parisienne Silver Member

    I'll be here every step of the well! I've only really been on minimins for a fornight but I'm totally addicted already! I think it's a good addiction though ;) I also have a diary (if you're interested!) you can find it here:

    We're eating in for Valentines day too. A 3 course meal - sounds lovely! I was thinking of doing surf and turf but actually my husband hates shellfish so that went out of the window straight away! I think I might do a free soup (we both love soup) and maybe some sort of chicken for main, with rice for him (he is addicted to rice) and veg for me. I also thought I might attempt slimming world brownies. I found a recipe that's only 1/2 a syn per brownie! My OH doesn't like chocolate (lucky him!) so that would be my treat :D

    Good luck tidying up! I'm sure your meal will be lovely, whatever you decide on!

  7. hfullard92

    hfullard92 Member

    HUSBANDS WHO NEEDS THEM? He came home from work with the biggest box of milk tray (my favourite) and a gorgeous bunch of flowers ;) After all my hard work slaving in the kitchen all day to an absolutely amazing dinner I ruined my efforts with a huge box of chocolates they tasted amazing but not sure they are worth this guilt? Tomorrow I am going up to Dundee for my best friends birthday so I can imagine lots of wine will be involved not that I drink that often but when I do I can go a bit crazy! How has everyone else done today has anyone else's husband buy them chocolates? The funny thing is if he had came home with them last month I would have scoffed them no guilt but now I am. More aware of the syns in things I feel guilty if I eat to many! At the end of the day I want to lose weight why could I not have just said thanks and not ate them or just ate 1 so greedy :(
    Breakfast: muller light yogurt
    Lunch: pasta in a chilli and garlic sauce packed with lots of veg
    Valentines 3 course meal- onion bhajis (free) Bombay potatoes (3 syns but only because I used butter to enrich flavour) chicken madras with rice (free) mini nan bread (4.5 syns) and a lemon meringue cupcake (5 syns)
    I would have even within my syns allowance however I have blown it :/ I defo blame the hubby and my lack of willpower :cry:When will I learn that feeling this rubbish afterwards is definitely not worth eating lots of syns I always feel great going to bed knowing I have stayed within my syns allowance :) anyway I am of to bed night everyone speak tomorrow :D x
  8. hfullard92

    hfullard92 Member

    WOW Sophie I wish I didn't like chocolate that would be the answer to all my problems I swear if I didn't like chocolate I would be a size 8! Chocolate just tastes so nice and is just so moreish! I wonder if I could convince myself I hated chocolate hey what about hypnotherapy do you think that would work lol? Seriously though he is so LUCKY

    I absolutely love a nice soup nothing more satisfying my favourite at the minute is butternut squash and sweet potato soup I am hooked on it at the minute but I tend to keep eating the same soup then I get fed up of it then I swap to another one overdo it and need to find another no! What's your favourite soups?
  9. La Parisienne

    La Parisienne Silver Member

    It sounds like you had a really nice evening!

    Don't worry about the chocolates, you're not the first and you won't be the last! (Same thing happened to me for my bday, a friend bought me a box of chocs and I ate them aaaaall in one sitting!) I think the important thing is realising that it doesn't negate all your efforts and that you shouldn't just give in! I'm trying to allow myself treats and for it to not mean the end of my diet!

    I made onion soup last night (being in France and all....) which was really nice. I'm going to make a chicken and leek soup tomorrow I think and I also love tomato and basil soup! I think a soup addiction may be the most healthy addiction in the world! I do like soups but I'm not crazy about them - it would be much more handy if I were!
  10. hfullard92

    hfullard92 Member

    Hi Sophie how have you been today? I haven't been very good today and going out tonight for the besties birthday ended up at nandos for lunch and drank some wine and I'll probably drink all sorts tonight. There s always something preventing me from losing weight :/ I just can't say no to these things! Onion soup is one I have NEVER made I just font fancy however everyone says its yummy I will need to give it a go and see how I get on :D

    breakfast: NONE ... Not a good start to the day
    Lunch: nandos ended up having the chicken burger no mayo with spicy rice and corn on the cob
    Dinner: Chinese food :O that's what happens going out with a bunch of students :/ not proud of this and lots of wine
    i am not used to the average student life all these takeaways and alcohol it isn't me although I am a student and a lot of my friends are students I am a 21 year old married mum of a little boy who is three! Think I grew up far to quickly lol we'll in comparison to my friends but I wouldn't have it any other way I am smitten in life well apart from with my weight will let everyone know tomorrow how hungover I am and will give you an idea on the syns!

  11. La Parisienne

    La Parisienne Silver Member

    Haha! Enjoy it! I got married when I graduated, so when I was 21. No kids yet but people think it's a bit strange I've 'settled' (I hate that word!) I can confirm though that student living is no good for the figure!
  12. hfullard92

    hfullard92 Member

    Morning all :) never managed to get on this yesterday so a quick update on how my day went. I went a long walk down the canal yesterday morning and managed to do a little. It of running as well which for me is a big deal god only knows What I looked like but that's beside the point I also ordered myself a new bike which gets delivered on Wednesday (super excited for this) and signed up to do a 35 mile cycle for British heart foundation end of August :O my incentive to get really fit and lose lots of weight
    My food diary for yesterday
    Breakfast: banana on toast (HeB)
    Lunch: pasta in a tomato based sauce and lots of veg 30g cheese (HeA)
    Dinner: chicken jalfrezi with lots of veg and rice
  13. hfullard92

    hfullard92 Member

    How have you been today Sophie? We'll yesterday should I say! You been cooking up any yummy treats :)x
  14. hfullard92

    hfullard92 Member

    I AM SO FRIGGING EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!

    my bike arrives tomorrow :D:D:D

    Can't believe how excited I am about this! Already planned my first cycle for tomorrow evening! Weigh myself tomorrow morning as we'll just in time :) had an amazing day food wise
    started of with a big fruit salad and a muller light yogurt
    for lunch I had a slice of toast loaded with bacon egg beans and 30g of cheese this is my ultimate favourite at the moment it tastes so nice together :)
    for my dinner tonight I had chicken rice and salad delicious I love chicken it is my most eaten meat there is so much you can do with it spicy chicken lemon chicken garlic chicken throw it in a salad or in a curry so versatile and easy to make.
    Hope everyone is doing good today :)
  15. La Parisienne

    La Parisienne Silver Member

    Yeyyy! That is exciting! Is it an indoor or outdoor bike?

    I bet you're excited for WI too, to see then benefit of your first weeks effort!

    Yep, love chicken too. Tonight I had salmon though, which I love even more than chicken but it's super expensive! It's generally my Tuesday treat :D I had that with cabbage and cauliflower while F (my husband) had a kebab - and I wasn't even remotely jealous!

    Good luck for tomorrow!

  16. hfullard92

    hfullard92 Member

    It's an outdoor bike :) so lots of training is required first night being tonight weigh in in 2 hours ahhhhh :)
  17. La Parisienne

    La Parisienne Silver Member

    How did it go??

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