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My cat is missing


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He has never strayed far from home but I haven't seen him since friday night. The boys say they saw him yesterday morning though. We live on a very busy road but he has always had the sense not to go near it.

I'm going to go for a walk in a minute because I'm sure something has happened to him. He is only a year old and the boys will be devastated.

Roz x
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Awww hun, I'm so sorry to hear that he's gone for a wonder. I hope you find him safe and well. My cat went missing for 5 days once, turned up on the doorstep wanting her dinner and a good wash!!



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My cat (he lives at my mums) is 11 and last year he went missing. I had a feeling that nothing bad had happened to him and I was going on holiday the day after he disappeared. I spent the whole week phoning my mum to ask if he'd come home yet but I had a strong feeling that he was going to turn up on the Friday.
Friday came and we returned from our holiday. An hour later my mum phoned to say he's been found. It turned out he'd got into a neighbours garage and curled up in a box then got so scared he stayed hidden. It took my dad ages to get him back out.
The annoying thing was I'd already looked in their garage as they'd moved in the day he went missing but he didn't show himself.

Ask your neighbours to check their garages and sheds. I hope he turns up soon x x


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Back from my walk and I didn't find him. I know it's quite possible that he has got shut in someones shed so I'll do some missing posters later. He is micro chipped so I would have thought if he was injured and taken to a vet then I would have had a phone call by now.

I had a cat that lost for 3 weeks once but she was a wanderer whereas Herbert is never usually out of the garden.

Roz x


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aaww *hugs* Rolo, fingers crossed he turns up soon, he's probs sheltering somewhere if it is raining there like it is here ;)
This is so sad - the fact that you didnt see anything when out is, hopefully, a good sign. Have my fingers crossed -keep us informed x
I have 4 cats, Mummy cat and the 3 kittens which are now 2 years old. They all take off every now and then but always come back. Mummy cat (lucy) buggers off for weeks on end since she had the kittens, we think its post natal depression. Dont worry hun he will be home soon xx


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Hi Rolo
Any news?
We have 2 cats and 1 is forever wondering and last time he went missing I had posters done on the PC and got my boys to distribute them locally. I went up and down the roads, whistling and calling his name - you have to be an animal owber to understand.:p Knock on people doors ask them to look in their sheds/garages etc.
We have a church at the back of our house - very small hut like a building and I went to the windows calling in and could here him meowing - luckily I know who had the keys he had been in there over 24 hours and not 'done a thing' the lady who looks after the place even sent him £5 to get some tins of Tuna!!!!!
Hope you find him very soon.
Hey hun,

Has he been found yet? I have never had cats but my next door neighbour has 10!! One of them got into our garage once and was there for 2 days without us having a clue, even though 3 people had been in there at various points during that time!

Neighbour asked if we could check, and we did- no sign. Then, the next day (so beginning of day 3 missing) my dad went to get his bike out and the cute little thing shot out straight past him and in through his catflap next door!

It really is worth asking all the neighbours to check garden sheds and garages, and if possible they could leave them open for a little while to give him a chance to escape in his own time, if that is where he is.

Really he comes home soon xxx

Nanny Jax

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Hi roz, I hope you find Herbert soon, he has probably found himself a Henrietta, it's surprising how they forget where they live once they do that!
Poor you - I know how you are feeling - its awful. My little one went missing, searched the village for 3 days, put notes through everyone's doors almost gave up the the minx bowls up at 4 in the morning miaowing for food. Hopefully Herbert has just got locked in a shed or something. Keeping my fingers crossed for you x


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I'm really sorry to hear about your cat. I hope he's just chasing females and that he turns up soon.


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He hasn't turned up yet. I suppose now he is getting older he could have gone in the search of the ladies. He has been neuteured but apparently this doesn't reduce the urge for him to get his rocks off. My main worry is that it has been piddling down here all day so if he is in someones shed they wouldn't necessarily go out to their shed.

Hope he turns up soon, I really miss him.

Roz x


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When mine was a kitten he follewed me and although I got away from him he turned a corner that took him out of his territory. He hid in a bush til me and my mum went to find him


Hi Roz, sorry to hear your news, hope he turns up soon. I suspect he is hiding out waiting for this weather to change. Keep us posted. Vx
Roz here are some "find kitty" vibes-- :vibes: :vibes: :vibes: :vibes: :vibes: :vibes:

Good luck hun and i hope you find him soon
By the way its happened to me years ago and in the end we founf out she had crawled into someones shed and ran out when they opened the door. I hope you find kitty soon


Nanny Jax

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Roz, cats are very intelligent, and are known to turn up ages after they first walked.... we moved three miles away once and the cat found us! my mum did'nt want it to! he'll be ok, I hope x

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