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my cat was knocked down :(

my wee cat didnt come home yday and its not like him. my hubby went out looking for him but didnt find him, when he didnt come home this morning i knew in my heart something wasnt right cause he never stays out long. so my hubby went looking again only a different route... it didnt take him long to find him :( lying on side off road... a car had knocked him down obviously... and my 3 yr old daughter just doesnt understand... thinks the "doctor" will make him better.. sorry for the long post just wanted to get it off my chest.
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am so, so sorry hun
Awww, Jilly. So sorry for your loss :( it is hard when your children are so little, my daughter was 5 when one of our cats met the same fate, and it helped her to be part of the "funeral", I don't think I will ever forget her coming inside to get her toy drum so she could play him a song, and drew him a picture to go in the box with him. She and my DH went outside to do the burial - she didn't see the body coz it wasn't very nice, but she knew he was in there. She stood for ages, solemnly drumming away, DH didn't want to disrupt her because it was obviously important to her, but she just kept on drumming and drumming and drumming, and then turned to DH and said all solemnly "Is it ok to stop drumming now?"

At 3, I wouldn't expect a little one to really grasp the concept at all. The book is a great idea, but don't worry too much if she seems very matter of fact about it, or doesn't get it, little ones are very resilient. Just answer any questions she has as honestly as you can, within what you think she can handle, and that's all you can do.

hugs to you all, it's a horrible thing to go through. Xxx
My heart goes out to you all and to your little cat.

For me the mourning process is like the loss of a human friend or relative.

I am so sorry. Nothing I can say can possibly make you feel better.

Hugs xxxxxxxx
Aaaw, that's so so sad. Our pets are like members of the family so their loss really hits home. I will admit to being devastated when one of my beloved cats died. My heart goes out to you ((((big hugs)))) XXX

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