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My Director had a "word" with me

I have been pulled into a meeting with the director who said "How is your mad diet going?... I can see that you have lost quite a bit of weight in a short amount of time... it's not worth it... think what you are doing to yourself"
I have been at this company for 3 months and was losing weight before I came here - It annoys me! I went home feeling like I am being watched and I have not even spoken to her about my diet so someone has blabbed in the office!!!! She seemed to be under the impression that I have a Illness!!! Grrrrrrr.
I suppose I am not doing myself any favours by wearing clothes that are slightly too big at the moment but STUFF her.:mad:
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i would have asked her if she knew the health problems associated with being overweight!
But I do know how you feel - I am restarting next week and haven't told any friends yet as they called CD my 'mental diet'!

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I'd have asked if it was making my work suffer.. if her answer was no.. I'd have asked with a very very big smile on my face.. so what is the problem then?

They don't own you.. and sometimes it's just jealousy - women gossip (original word wouldn't show sorry) too lets face it!!

Well done on your weight loss and for not listening to her poison! lol
Yeah i know but it still makes me mad as I wouldnt be doing this if I really didnt need to... also, my sister has suffered with a eating disorder for years - it is a mental illness and I would never go down that road, but that is what people seem to think..hmmm.. need to brush it off and chin up :)

Purple Hugs

Loves weight.. training!
agree with the brush it off and chin up hun, don't let them get you down! ((Hugs)) you'll have an amazing wedding day, photos and be healthy too.. that's enough of a 'fingers up' to those that are gossiping!


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It's none of her business! People are funny to me on this diet too and tell me not to do it I will die or be ill etc etc. I think it's 50% jealousy and 50% the fact they couldn't stick it themselves! Stuff em!:D


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isn't it against the law to ask those sort of questions? ridiculous!


Helsinki Vampire
If it was affecting your work they could play the concern card:rolleyes: Seeing as they all know you are on a diet and not a secret Anorexic, no I don't think they can ask! If I was you I'd write down what's said and when, if it happens again put in a grievance:cool:

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