my doctor is so funny

Discussion in 'Celebrity Slim' started by sheshelafunk, 29 January 2009 Social URL.

  1. sheshelafunk

    sheshelafunk Full Member

    i told him i was on celeb slim and he was like "hmmm.....ok" then i blurtedout ive lost 7lb!!! he was like oh ok so it works? i really want to hate these diets etc.. he had me in stiches, hes put me on some anti biotics for my arm so that should be cleared up soon :) hows everyone xxxx

    ps. have you seen some of the sucess stories on here and before and after pics form people on various diets?!
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  3. Mazza

    Mazza Serial poster

    Hi - glad you got something for your arm, how are you today?

    Maz x
  4. alison1256

    alison1256 Full Member

    Hi - glad to hear you got something from the doc for your abcess and hopefully it will clear up real soon. My doc is really good and open to many diets, when I did LL last summer she was really supportive but I know they are all not like that, unfortunatley! Get well soon x
  5. Emily2009

    Emily2009 Full Member

    hiya, hope your arm is feeling a bit beter now! your doc sounds nice, i wouldnt even tell mine im on this kind of diet lol she would probably advise against it and send me to a dietician!

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