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My dog Milo

Aww he is so cute. Unfortunatly had to have ours put to sleep last year he was 16 we got him from RSPCA when he was 1. Miss him but decided time is not quite right to get another one just yet.
Is he a schihtzu? He's lovely!! We have a three year old grumpy shihtz and just acquired a new baby boy :) they are called Dude and Harley. I also have a Staffy called snoopy who is 8 and as mad as a hatter! It's so funny watching her walk around with the tiny puppy hanging off her ear!! Vicious breed noo way!!!


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Noooooooooooooo he's a maltese lol.
He's quite a bit smaller than most shih tzu's - he's barely 6lbs.

I LOVE staffies!! My friend has 3 - sweetest dogs ever!

Post pics of your dogs - would love to see them :)
Hi Fia ... Oops... Goodness the pictures are deceptive mind you I'm using my iPod which has a small screen... I thought shihtzi or laporatso ( spelling?!) he is a sweaty tho!! My stuffy is lie a child with challenging behaviour... That was up until a few weeks ago at the age of 8 I had her spayed - she's been much better since ! I have just got back from a long walk and we came accross a sheepdog off it's lead with it's owner... I put snoopy back on her lead just in case and sir enough this sheepdog came at my stuffy full boar immediately putting my dog into defence mode... I had to hold onto her with all my strength and push her down onto the floor whilst this dig was trying to get her... Now if my stuffy had bitten and got lock jaw (nit let go) staffy dog would no doubt be in the wrong for defending me and itself... Gosh it makes me cross theses people that don't control their pets!!! Grumble grumble lol!! I'm not sure if I can put pictures up yet as I'm a newbee?!! I will have a look , if not I will have to get my posts up!! :)


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A lot of people haven't seen a maltese so they ask is he a different breed - I have been asked bichon, shih tzu, yorkie, lhasa apso( I think that's what you meant - other people have asked that before), poodle, chihuahua and someone even asked me was he a samoyed puppy!!

I know what you mean about owners leaving their dogs off lead. Last month I was out walking with Milo and a woman had her golden retriever off lead - he spotted Milo(who was on a lead) and started bounding towards him. This dog was huge compared to Milo and could have easily hurt him with one paw swipe - the owner just stood there and never even tried to call her dog back and didn't apologize for her dog scaring the living daylights out of mine!
Lol oh bless him .... At least HE doesn't have issues with what breed he is!!! Yes people can be so rude- if the shoe was on the other foot I'm sure the collie owner wouldn't have been impressed! At least with our smaller breeds it's easy to swipe then out of reach but still , we shouldn't have to!

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