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My e mail confession to my councellor!

thought I'd better take the bull by the horns and announce that from out of the blue since Monday I've fell off the wagon......not making excuses, I really don't know why, can't explain my mood but am trying to get back on the diet starting two days low carb again before taking the packs which worked for me before. Still having hour walks, treadmill and two sessions of physio, which is in the gym and according to my scales I've put three pounds on but I'm pretty sure that is just fluid - I haven't pigged out or anything like that, I've been pretty good but had terrible tummy upset for three days.....so fingers crossed by monday I will be back on it! I have plenty packs to see me through to next week, I'll be in touch..

Just wanted to share this with you as it's been on my mind since I messed up on Monday....susan:cry:
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Susan, you have taken the most important step by coming on here and confessing. Now you can put it behind you and move on. Seems a really sensible decision to reduce your carbs down before starting again. Remember how well you did in the first couple of weeks and I am sure you can do it again.

Good luck
Confession cleanses the soul! Hope your dodgy tummy clears up, don't forget to stay hydrated.

Good luck with the restart, just look how much exercise you're doing a day. Promise i'll be here for you as much as possible xxx
Hi, It's monday morning AGAIN, been off the diet for exactly one week now and trying again today, don't know what's up with me, I got on it so good and now my willpower has gone down the pan!
As for the exercise, it's 45 - 60 mins per day walking the dogs up and down hills ect, I have to do this has I have a back problem that needs to be walked off, if I didn't do this I would be in complete agony! - the dogs love it anyway..lol!

Fingers crossed...susan
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Hi Susan,

If it makes you feel any better then we all fall off the wagon now and then. The important thing is that you're getting back onto it. I started again last week and was doing really well until I went for a meal last night and blew it.

I'm meeting my new CDC tomorrow night though and she has promised me motivation (lol) so fingers x.

I lost 5 stone last year and have put 1 of those back on and it needs to come off again along with another 2 1/2 so looking at at least 3 1/2 stone to go. I just keep telling myself that I could be nearly there for Xmas ( I just need to get brain n gear)

Good luck with your restart, you can and will do it

Best wishes



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Hi Susan,

Best of luck with starting your diet this morning.

Will power is like a muscle it improves with usage.:)

Try not thinking about how you will get through today, but take it hour by hour and drink plenty of water, by tonight you will be so proud of yourself for having one day done and dusted.

Walking is one of the best exercise ever and I read somewhere it is one of the best for getting rid of belly fat:)

I have a little Yorkie and she loves her walk.

Love Mini xxx

Mrs V

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Firstly you deserve a pat on the back for sending the email to your Counsellor, it shows that you are asking for help.
Secondly, as Jelly Belly wrote, we all at some stage fall off the wagon...the most important thing is, that we dust ourselves off and start again.
Walking is fantastic execise and not only will you benefit from it, but I'm sure your dogs are too!!

Good luck with your journey. Come on here when you need advice and support AND....keep drinking that water!!!!

well done.. at least you know now that ull be even stronger.. u can get through this.. tke cre

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