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My first post - please help!!

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Dear All,

I have been lurking on here for a few weeks and then last week decided to start LL. I am on day7. All was going well until I went over to Mums (normally a massive trigger for eating) before I knew it I ate the following;

1 big blueberry muffin
1 mini chocolate muffin
1 Cornetto
3 scotch pancakes
10 squares of Dairy Milk
1 packet of crisps
3 slices of cheese
4 slices of chicken breast

What have I done? I feel terrible. Please can I have your advice as to whether I have ruined my chances for a loss this week, I weigh in on Thursday. I now see how good the packs were making me feel and how great being in control was.

I just want today to end so that I can start a fresh tomorrow.

Please help. I so want this to work. I am so stupid.

Billie xx:cry::break_diet:
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Well done for starting LL, and try not to stress about today. What's done is done, just continue with your packs from now and get your head back into it. You may not lose as much this week, but at least you will be minimising the chances of putting more weight back on. Try to remember the feeling you have now and act on it before you eat next time you feel the urge.

You said that going to your mum's was a trigger for eating - are you able to identify why? Does your mum know you are doing this diet? What could you/ she do differently on your next visit?

Good luck with continuing this week, you can do it. The first week is the hardest. Take care. x
S: 19st9lb C: 19st9lb G: 12st2lb Loss: 0st0lb(0%)

Thank you for your encouragement. Mums is an issue for me, it is all we seem to do there, it just centers around food. Everyone just eats constantly, she has all of the nice things in the cupboard and every single one of us (6 siblings) all go straight to the fridge when we get to mums. Trouble is, I am the only one who is overweight. I think it is just so expected of me.

They don't know I am on the diet. I don't want the 'here we go again' looks and the raised eyebrows.

Arggghh I have to get back on it tomorrow, not even going to eat the bars this week.

Thanks for listening - I do appreciate it. Well done on your loss so far - hope that will be me in a few weeks!!



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It will definitely be you in a few weeks. :)
Perhaps you need to prepare yourself mentally for going to your mum's. Have a shake directly before you go and make sure you keep a drink, tea, coffee, water in your hands all the time you are there to avoid having a "picking" hand free. Keep a bar in your bag to nibble in case of emergency, and perhaps tell people you've had a stomach upset, just eaten, doing a detox etc if they question you not eating. By the time you've used up these excuses you will hopefully be so into the diet you'll be wanting to tell them and they'll be noticing how great you are looking.

You can do it, your response shows you have a really positive attitude - good luck :)
Hello Billie,
Pick yourself up, get back on track. In a way I hope you don't lose this week, because if you do you might think it's okay if it happens again.
Nicki is right. You have already identified that visiting your Mum's house is likely to be a trigger for you. You could discuss it with your LLC at the group meeting. I'm sure they will have come across this situation before.
You need to get a plan in place before your next visit. Once you have a few weeks behind you I'm sure you'll be able to resist the temptation.
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hi there
well done on your first few days - shame about the visit to your mums.
its done now tho so put it behind you - just remember how you feel and next time you are tempted think about how bad you are feeling now.

stick to it 100% and it will work.

daisy x
Look on the positive side. You have realised what your trigger is only one week into the diet....you might feel even worse if you had a few weeks already done.
And you know you can control your eating as you were doing very well all week.

The counselling side of LL is fabulous for looking at ourselves and our bad habits ~ I came back from a week abroad at my mum's last week where she is a "feeder" too. A few months ago, I might have eaten my way through the wrong things. But instead, I had 3 packs and one very healthy ( RTM style) meal each day. I hadn't lost when I came back, but I had maintained and felt proud of the food choices I mad, considering I am still in Development.

But because I know how much this diet has changed my life so far, I got straight back into abstinence. I have worked too hard to mess it up now.

You can get back into it too ~ leave the "blip" behind you and start working on ways to take yourself out of the situation. I don't mean not being at your mum's, but stay away from the trigger foods and, as said, have a pack beforehand so you don't feel as tempted.
You were likely in Ketosis, so that "hunger" was just habit, and your old self told you you were hungry. Remember, you are in control, not the muffin! :)
Good luck. xx
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Hey... first of all.. DO NOT BEAT YOURSELF UP about this. That just leads to a cycle of guilt and before you know it you will be having crooked thoughts like "i messed up already I may as well have this too". Don't! Focus on the positive changes you have and are making and the reasons why you started LL. Good luck, you will be fine! x
S: 19st9lb C: 19st9lb G: 12st2lb Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Thank you all - a lot! It really helps to hear those things. I have got back on the packs today. After yesterday's binge I didn't eat anything else all day (didn't bloody need to either!) and now have just had my third pack and am feeling much much better already.

If I am honest I think that yesterday was very useful. I kept thinking food would make me feel good and the packs were making me sad. When I ate the food I felt truly awful and saw that the control was much better in terms of satisfaction!

Back on it guys and will post my loss on Thursday. I will hopefully have had time to bling up my profile by then too - how dull do I look!!??

Thanks again xx:p

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