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my first session with a personal trainer


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my first session with a personal trainer was today. boy i was so nervous before hand. :confused:

wasnt too bad! well not as bad as i thought it would be. :D

was a good work out, my sister laughed at me when i walked in as i was bright red, :cry: and the redness didnt really go away for quite some time after.
my sisters friend was over and did my nails after my work out, which was a nice treat [after i had a shower of course].

my body fat % was 38.5% so im gonna use this thread to note what i do and calories i eats so i can keep track.

i did a 1k lap of park in 7.3mins
200 various types of sit ups
and quite a few short runs,

eaten 1500 cals :)
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so today i have eaten so much rubbish its crazy! was at the wedding and there wasa choc fountain and a HUGE fruit display. i was good and bad and had a bit of both. but main course and dessert couldlnt be resisted...

so how do you all cope with this? being out at parties? counting calories?


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so another training session today

my back was hurting a bit, so we took a break from the running,
used the exercise bike i have instead.
used a veriaty of speeds and levels and in 10mins i was pooped
then moved outside and did some circuit stuff for legs arms and tummy.
did some what she called core exercises to help with my back.
was very good!

yesterday i did 3 x 10mins on exersice bikes sessions, and in the 2 breaks did 100 x 2 various sit ups.

so from the new things i learnt today i can add more to my own routines


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right right right, i am shattered after my session today!

we did 1.5 lap run around the park, i was shattered, then we walked half a lap and ran 1 more lap! so i was ready to drop
we then did summet called farklik [spelling?] exercises.
which means one more bloomin lap doing a combination of running, jogging, walking.
a few sit ups and we're done. yikes


Is a woman on a mission.
Well done you x x I would love a personal trainer, espesh if they looked like the trainer Richard from The Biggest Loser :D.

Did they give you any secret weapons or tips on the best way to flatten a tum?

Keep up the good work.

Boo x x


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im not looking forward to my session 2moro :( i just wanna sit at home in the evenings and eat chocolate :) but i know ill love it when im actually doing the work.
went and bought some running trainers today [ill never get my credit card paid off]
also i ran 2 laps at the park over the weekend, so i know im getting better. [when i started a month ago i could not even run quater of the park]
her tips are working out for 4 times a week getting my heart rate up.
we do lots of running and sit ups.
and eating well of course!

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