My first week :(


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Ok I started Slimming world last Monday, I have ate the green free food all week,but only one healthy 'B' a day (that been 2 slices of weight watchers danish bread)...a couple of days i had 2 weetabix also...
and only one healthy 'A' (the A choice been probably about half a pint of skimmed milk)

At the weekend i had 2 vodkas on Friday and 1 glass of red wine on Sunday as syns.

I have been really pleased how i have resisted people around me eating takeaways,fastfood and Alcohol

But this evening as i got weighed in I had only lost half a pound??

Last week I did a post on here asking if anyone suffered from bloating on the green days as i was balloning up!...Friday came and i had come on my period...does anybody suffer from not losing weight or gaining weight on thier period??

Im not sure if it is that reason I only lost half a pound on my first week or the fact maybe im doing something wrong, but like I said ive been eating virtually free food all the time?

I kinda felt a little upset as the other new starters was losing 3 pounds, 6 pounds etc... some of them saying they hadnt even been following the plan properly.

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i love minimins me :)
hey hun

I know when i have my star week i can put on anythin up to 4lbs!

the plan defo does work, am sure next week u will have a fab loss!!!

I know that dont seem like much atm cos i am the most impatient person in the world n no matter wat i loose i wudnt be happy hahha

hopefully someone else will have somethin else to add, i jus didnt wanna read n run!

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Hi there..
I'm by all means an expert at this but from my own experience, If I have too many green days I also feel heavy and bloated... I think as well as this being a great diet by not combining protein and carbs... we seem to forget what our own body can process etc. For me carbs just bloat me so i try swap them each day and stay off carbs altogether on red days.:)

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It is disappointing when the scales only show a little loss on the first week. But I have found with SW that the losses don't always show up immediately.

Are you eating any protein at all?

Why don't you post your food diary and then you would get some input ??

Keep on going - you will have a good loss. TOTM doesn't help at all. Thankfully I don't have that problem now :D


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Hiya lovely,
I'm the same.... I've been virtually 100% on plan this week and only lost 1lb (my first week). After speaking to my consultant we worked out it was the cous cous cake I thought was free!!

Anyway, stick with it hun, I've seen a lot of people have a small loss in the first week then a big one the week after.



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My weight loss stalls around my TOTM, so I shouldn't worry to much. Stick to the plan and next week you will be delighted, I'm sure!

Skipping on your Healthy Extra choices won't help. I believe it's one or two of the Healthy 'A' choices, but you should be having two of the Healthy 'B' choices. Given the wide variety of things you can choose from as 'B' choices, which don't go onto your Syns for the day, there's no reason to want to do without it. Just my two cents worth!


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Totally agree with Minders, also you shouldn't be having less than 5 Syns per day as that will slow down your losses x


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You need to be eating 10 to 15 syns per day. Sounds like you only had maybe 15 for the whole week. Also make sure you're eating 2 healthy extra B choices as these are for fibre and are not optional. This will also help with weight loss and help from feeling deprived. Also make sure you're eating plenty of speed foods (ie, fruit and veg) rather than just 'free' foods (ie, pasta, potatoes, beans). If you're feeling bloated on green try only having 1/3 plate of carbs (pasta, potato or rice or whatever) and 2/3 of veg.

Stick with it. I'm sure next week will be a great loss. Start eating those syns - that's what they're there for!